Dead Yellow Sands

17 November 2017 to 10 December 2017

Dead Yellow Sands by Graham Weir is a collection of portraitures that live for a brief few minutes and return to the darkness of black space.

Based on people Weir has met or observed over the years, the characters are all at a winding-down moment in their lives, some of them even looking into the silence of death.

Raised in Benoni, Weir explains that the town’s name means “Son of my Sorrow”, and poignantly, “steers us through an awareness of Thanatos from one age of man to the next in a deftly crafted piece of theatre”. Never moving from his chair, Weir is lit sparsely by a lighting rig constructed with scrap materials and household light bulbs; each character is exposed through a series of monologues which, while they are individual vignettes, are simultaneously facets of Weir himself.

Venue: Barney Simon Theatre, Market Theatre, 56 Margaret Mcingana St, Newtown
Time: Tue to Sat 8.15pm | Sun 3.15pm
Cost: R90 – R150


Tel: 011 832 1641
Facebook: The Market Theatre
Twitter: @MarketTheatre

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