Fiela se Kind


The famous retelling of the Afrikaans classic story, Fiela se Kind.

Fiela Komoetie raised her foundling white child, Benjamin, with love and pride, until the day, nine years later, that the census men came to fetch him. On the other side of the mountain, in the Bush, lives the woodchopper Elias van Rooyen and his wife, Barta, whose three-year-old Lukas disappeared the same day Benjamin was found.

Years later it is Benjamin/Lukas who struggles with the question of who he actually is. He must know, otherwise the woman he came to love will never be his. Darlene Matthee’s well-known production is arranged for the stage by Suzanne van Wijk and Frans Swart. Starring Sharleen Surtie-Richards, Marissa Claasen, Jaime du Toit, Edrien Erasmus, Johny Klein, Paul Lückhoff, Divan Prinsloo, Vian Singleton, Graigan Swartz, Marilise van Wyk, Phillru van Achterbergh, Nardus van der Vyver and Dirk Vermeulen.

Venue: Atterbury Theatre, Cnr Lynnwood Rd and Daventry St, Lynnwood, Pretoria
Time: Wed to Sat 8pm | Sat and Sun 3pm
Cost: R140 – R160


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