26 to 26 August 2017

grietfestThe Grietfest returns for its seventh music festival with over 3 000 guests.

Paying homage to the kings and queens of the South African electronic music industry, from drum and bass to techno, house, electro, dubstep, bass house, hip hop, disco and trap.

Olmeca Main Stage
Billy Kenny, Ivy Lab, PHFAT, Popartlive, Bruce Loko, Felix Laband and Half ‘n Half.

Science Frikshun Main Stage Take Over
The Prototypes, Niskerone and Rude One.

Club Stage
Toy Toy, Trancemicsoul, Digital Rockit and Sound Sensible.

Heads Will Roll
Haezer, Hyphen and George Daniel.

Mr Green, Chee and BenSon.

Bongani Zulu.

Village Stage
The LazarusMan, JakobSnake, Metro Ticket, Moonchild Sanelly, Lil’ Bow, Missu, Kid Robot and DSCO Cam.

Secret Stage
Fultronbass, T-Stak, Gherkgreen, Half ‘n Half and Morrison Taylor.

The Afterparty
Embassy, RudeOne VS Mr green, JakobSnake and Bongani Zulu.

Venue: The Container Yard, Impex Ave, Johannesburg
Time: 1.30pm to 1am
Cost: R200 – R320


Facebook: Grietfest
Twitter: @grietfest

WIN WITH WHAT’S ON IN JOBURG: To stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Grietfest 2017, simply leave your full name and a comment below. Draw takes place on 3 August 2017.

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  1. Jacques Celliers

    Grietfest just so happens to fall on my birthday this year and the stars couldn’t have aligned more perfectly for the ultimate celebration. I am a huge fan of Drum & Bass and alternative EDM and every single year Grietfest manages to blow away all my expectations! When Dimension came over his set was so energetic and breath-takingly good that I can only imagine the kind of quality that The Prototypes are going to bring. I am so excited to see them and bounce along in my tequila fueled celebratory jam, and honestly just the entire lineup looks like it might be the best party of the year, and the best event that Grietfest has had to date and that excites me something fierce!

  2. Containers with strangers I see no dangers!!!
    So there’s no brainer, I want to have a hell of a party around containers!!
    hahah ok but for realz this is definitely something to tick off the festival list and surprise a special someone at the same time!!
    Stay great and Sm;)e x

  3. Samantha Steyn ….. I have no words that will explain my excitement to be able to go!!!!!
    =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

    Then there is also tequila! =P

  4. raphael bornman

    this is by far out of this world the most amazing creative festival i have ever heard of … i wanna be there 🙂 or be square!

  5. Rebecca Paulsen

    I’d absolutely love to win tickets to see my favourite producers in the world, Ivy Lab! Also, it’s my birthday weekend. <3

  6. i realllllllllllllllllllllllly want to go pweeety plweeease with sprinkles on top of a container 🙂

  7. raphael bornman

    Wow i would love to make my lady love , we love going to festivals and I know that well definitely put this in our adventure ,Gosh I have to make a plan to get there !
    We love PHfat and as a matter of fact SA Music Never Disappoints
    Thank you Enjoy your Day
    P.S :jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat

  8. This would be more than amazing i would love to go ….Ive Only heard great stories about Grietfest 🙂
    I love Electro and Hip Hop
    I said a hip hop
    Hippie to the hippie
    The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it out
    Bubba to the bang bang boogie, boobie to the boogie
    To the rhythm of the boogie the beat

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