Happy Acres

1 April 2017 to 23 December 2017

happy-acresHappy Acres is a child-centred field centre with over 70 years of experience in providing an environment for children to learn more about themselves, the environment and how to interact with peers in the Magaliesburg countryside.

Camps are one of the few environments where children can leave their backgrounds, privileged or not, and enter a secure surrealistic world as equals with children from a wide range of backgrounds. A place where youngsters can be themselves, while being encouraged to explore a range of activities.

The structure of the holiday camps is based on several organisations such as boy scouts and American summer camps where children are led under the auspices of an adult in a highly-structured environment. The new programme is designed for each camp to provide schedules for different age groups to ensure that campers of all ages are well cared for, stimulated and entertained.

Some activities involve the entire camp and other sessions are group specific, catering for various age groups and ability levels. The range of the activities may include activities such as group games, outdoor adventures, sports, arts and crafts, walking/hiking, swimming or cook-outs. The organised activities are interspersed with opportunities to build friendships, singing camping songs, swimming, rest time and more.

The children are divided into groups of about ten boys and ten girls of the same age, which are each led by a young boy and girl counsellor who stay with the group throughout the camp. The children sleep in dormitories with their counsellor and fellow campers from their group, with boys’ and girls’ dormitories located on opposite sides of the property. All counsellors undergo training and are selected by their peers before being asked to counsel. They then start out in a junior position and work their way up the hierarchy as they gain experience.

Autumn Camps
Camp 1: 1 Apr to 8 Apr

Camp 2: 22 Apr to 29 Apr

Winter Camps
Camp 1: 24 Jun to 1 Jul

Camp 2: 1 Jul to 8 Jul

Camp 3: 5 Aug to 12 Aug

Spring Camps
Camp 1: 30 Sep to 7 Oct

Summer Camps
Camp 1A: 9 Dec to 13 Dec

Camp 1B: 13 Dec to 16 Dec

Camp 2A: 20 Dec to 23 Dec

Camp 2B: 9 Dec to 23 Dec

Venue: Happy Acres, R24, Magaliesburg
Time: Various
Cost: R20 – R3 500


Tel: 083 449 5123
Email: hacres@iafrica.com
Website: www.happyacres.co.za
Facebook: Happy Acres

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