Ngale KweNdlu: The Other Side of the House

17 to 25 March 2018

The audience is led on a journey with a new drama company formed by the Market Theatre Foundation, who have been researching and imagining the lifespan of the house, and those whose lives have been touched by it.

The Windybrow is a house that has witnessed riches and ruin, dinner parties, dereliction, and rebirth. Built by one of Johannesburg’s pioneer families, it has been a home, a boarding house, officer’s mess, nursing school and sometimes a shelter for vagrants. It’s most memorable role, though, has been as an arts centre and theatre, with many of South Africa’s greats having passed through its doors.

One of the first Johannesburg theatre spaces to forge strong pan-African connections, the mansion in Hillbrow has survived three threats to demolish it, and the only reason it still stands is because of its vibrant potential as a theatre and arts centre. To help activate that potential once more, a new production – Ngale KweNdlu: The Other Side of the House – delves into the history of the Windybrow – its imagined secrets, untold stories and fading memories.

Venue: The Windybrow, Nugget and Pietersen, Doornfontein
Time: Wed, Sat and Sun 2.30pm | Sat 6pm | Tue and Thu 11am (School Performances)
Cost: R40 – R80

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