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Jeremy LoopsJeremy Loops calls himself a modern folk artist with no boundaries. His influences are from folk legends like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, but what he creates is a mash-up of a number of genres, namely folk, reggae, hip-hop, gypsy-jazz… whatever keeps him smiling he says.

He makes music that inspires and motivates himself and his audience; It’s both his place of refuge and his source of courage to tackle this beautiful, often crazy world we live in. And he says he feels he has been gifted with an amazing, dedicated community of listeners who resonate deeply with this vision, and all the work that he put in, he does so for them.

When he’s not making songs, he helps run GreenPop, an eco-centred project to encourage a tree-revolution against deforestation.

He believes music, like all art, is a visual/audible representation of humanity. And humanity is community. In Africa, we call this concept Ubuntu. In this way, while the music he make is his own, on stage he collaborates closely with rapper Motheo Moleko and saxophonist Jamie Faull, while behind the scenes there’s a team tirelessly working to make this dream a reality.

-Jeremy Loops (2011)|
-Trading Change (2014)

-2013 MK Awards Best Male Artist
-2014 MK Awards Best Live Act
-In 2014, Loops debuted at #1 on iTunes in South Africa, headlined major festivals, and maintained #1 on the three most prominent radio stations in Southern Africa with “Down South”, his breakout single.

Facebook: Jeremy Loops
Twitter: @JeremyLoops

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