Delta Park


Delta ParkWith 104 hectares of grassland and woodland, and walking trails which link three tree-lined dams, Delta Park is a setting for a relaxing stroll or an intense jog.

There are sensory trails and bird-viewing hides located throughout the park for those more interested in the local flora and fauna. The Florence Bloom Bird sanctuary is incorporated inside the park and is part of the Delta Environmental Centre, where a wide range of wildlife-related courses are offered to adults and children.

Holiday programmes for children between the ages of 6 and 13 are periodically on offer and are facilitated by professional staff. Also included are picnic spots located in the south-east corner which is known for being one of the most tranquil spots within the park.

Venue: Delta Park, Blairegowrie, Randburg, Johannesburg
Time: Sunrise to sunset
Cost: Free

Tel: 011 888 4831
Facebook: Delta Park


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