Zoo Lake


Zoo LakeJust across the road from the Johannesburg Zoo, Zoo Lake Park offers one of the most well-known daytime picnic spots.

The Park welcomes visitors of any age and there is a variety of activities provided, from an outdoor picnic to paddling across the man-made lake. The park is suitable for leisurely walks, jogging and dog walking.

During weekends and public holidays the park attracts its largest crowds and once a year, in early September, Zoo Lake hosts Jazz on the Lake, which is one of Johannesburg’s biggest annual events.

Apart from walking, jogging and paddling, visitors are able to take part in the number of amateur soccer tournaments that are held at the venue, hang-out, play a round of bowls or have a couple of drinks at the Bowling Club. Children can feed the ducks, go for a row bite ride or play a game of tennis. For those who are feeling peckish, Moyo’s restaurant offers authentic local cuisine.

Venue: Zoo Lake, Jan Smuts Ave, Randburg, Johannesburg
Time: Sunrise to Sunset
Cost: Varying depending on activity

Tel: 011 838 7137 | 011 483 1017
Email: zoolakeinfo@jhbcityparks.com
Website: www.jhbcityparks.com
Zoo Lake

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