Escape Room


Escape RoomA live puzzle room where contestants are “trapped” in a room and allowed 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape.

There are three rooms available, DisappearanceMine Escape and Kellar’s Magic Emporium. Teams of 2 to 7 people can enter.

“There is no heavy lifting or physical exertion involved. Ultimately, Escape Room tests your level of observation, problem solving skills and creative thinking. Everything you need to solve the mystery is in the room and there is a correct way to solve every piece of the puzzle. But this doesn’t mean participants don’t occasionally come up with alternative and innovative ways of solving problems the creators themselves never envisioned.” Read Nicola Beach’s review of Escape Room: Disappearance.

Venue: 1st Floor, Dunkeld West Centre, Cnr Jan Smuts Ave & Bompas Rd, Dunkeld West
Time: 9.30am to 10.30pm
Cost: R590 group of 2 | R840 group of 3 | R1080 group of 4 | R1250 group of 5 | R1410 group of 6 | R1645 group 7

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Tel: 072 277 2733
Facebook: @escaperoomsouthafrica
Instagram: @escape_room_sa
Twitter: @EscapeRoomSA


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