Gallery MOMO


Gallery MOMOGallery MOMO is a world renowned contemporary art gallery and was founded in 2002. Artists exhibiting at the gallery have been at the forefront of the local and international art world. The gallery continues to support local and international young and upcoming talent through its renowned residency program. This program allows artists to exchange ideas and engage with the new environment.

Apart from the gallery space in Johannesburg, MOMO recently opened an exhibition space in Cape Town. Aside from its acclaimed exhibitions in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, Gallery MOMO also pursues its international presence by participating in local and international art fairs. Artists presented with Gallery MOMO feature in international biennales such as Venice Biennale, Beijing Biennale, Havana Biennale and the Lyon Biennale.

Venue: Gallery MOMO, 52 7th Ave Parktown North, Johannesburg
Time: Mon – Fri 9am to 6pm | Sat 9am to 4pm
Cost: Free

Tel: 011 327 3247
Gallery MOMO


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