Johannesburg disaster film coming soon


Johannesburg MovieMoviegoers could soon witness the end of Johannesburg as we know it in a new disaster film entitled ‘Johannesburg’, set to be released in mid-2017.

The film is being directed by SAFTA-nominated Kalumbu Kapisa, and tells the story of the city being eradicated by a series of devastating earthquakes and the race against time to save it from being swallowed into a giant sink hole.

According to Kapisa, shooting on the film has already begun, with the movie set to star the likes of Bubu Mazibuko, Desmond Dube, Fabian Lojede and Richard Lukunku.

Reflecting on the project, Kapisa revealed that it is the realisation of a three-year dream, “…Our disaster film is finally seeing the light. A journey of patience and sacrifices. A big shout out to my team,” he wrote on social media.

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