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Bounce Trampoline ParkBouncing may famously be what Tiggers do best, but Jo’burgers can now jump for joy and give Tigger a run for his money, because Australian trampoline sensation Bounce has landed in Jozi.

Trampolines are fitted wall to wall and curved almost floor to ceiling. With a capacity for 130 Bouncers per session there is something for everyone, (unless you are under 3, then I’m afraid you’ll have to do some more growing, there’s no bouncing until there are three candles on your birthday cake).  The Junior Jumping zone is for customers under 110cm tall.  To take part in the most gravity-defying Bounce activities, such as wall running and aerial tricks you must be a more experienced daredevil and be at least 125cm high.

Additional activities include trampoline dodgeball, slackline balancing and a treat for all of us under 6 ft 7, the chance to do a Magic Johnson slam-dunk for real!

This is not your backyard variety of trampoline with rickety ladders and ripped nets. Bounce trampolines are extremely springy with a generous sweet-spot, so adults can join the fun. There is no need to share, as each trampoline is limited to a single jumper and all the nuts, bolts and springs are neatly covered with bright strips of padding. All of this is to minimise danger, however, accidents are still bound to happen from time to time, so don’t try anything too crazy on your first visit.

When you arrive you will be given a pair of Bounce socks, which have little rubber non-slip pads on the bottom. As an extra bonus, you can take those neon beauties home with you at the end of your session and – top tip – they actually make pretty good slipper socks.

Bounce is a great place for group events, such as birthday parties, corporate team building and Bounce fitness classes. The only thing to be very aware of is that Bounce sessions run on a tight schedule, so don’t be late for your slot. If you snooze, you loose trampoline time.

Find Bounce at the Waterfall Lifestyle Centre, which is on the corner of Woodmead Drive and Maxwell Drive.  Note that Maxwell runs in a loop and crosses Woodmead at two separate junctions. It’s not the World of Golf junction, it’s the other intersection closer to Kyalami.

Rather than despairing that the children are bouncing off the walls with boredom on a wet and miserable day, take them to Bounce where they can literally bounce off the walls and upside down and through the air to their hearts’ content. It’s genius.

If you prefer to be an observer, rather than an active participant, grab a coffee in the Tuck Shop and watch the world bounce by. The seating area is stepped giving you a great view over the jumping fields.

If you live in Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town or Port Elizabeth you can also put a spring in your step, because Bounce is opening at a new venue near you soon.

Nicola Beach

Online booking with upfront payment is positively encouraged. This minimises queuing time when you arrive at Bounce and guarantees your spot in often sold-out sessions. Visit for bookings and further information.

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  1. Hi Nicola, Thank you for your review of Bounce trampoline park. However I didn’t have a great experience when I visited them with my Kids. Do you recommend any other trampoline parks in Joburg? Is there an outlet for Jumpmania or Jump and Bounce in Joburg? What’s your take on Rush Greenstone or iJump? Planning to visit next month. Let me know.

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