BMW’s 7 Series gets Esther Mahlangu touch


Esther Mahlangu 81 year old South African Ndebele artist Esther Mahlangu has, for the second time in 25 years, teamed up with BMW to create magical artwork for the brand’s 7 Series.

Having already worked with the brand in 1991, Esther was the first woman to ever collaborate with BMW on an Art Car. Known for her incorporation of traditional African colors and designs against modern pieces like architecture and luxury vehicles, Esther has won numerous awards, studied in France and even opened an art school.

In this latest work, Esther has been given a luxury sedan which she transformed into a magical piece by expressing her characteristic motifs on the wooden interior trims.

Specialists at BMW Individual Manufaktur, supervised the full manufacturing process and developed a special, white-coloured fine-wood trim, the ideal canvas for Esther’s breathtaking images.

The BMW Individual 7 Series features Mahlangu’s hand painted pieces across the dash and the doors to create a truly appealing interior design. The one-off vehicle will be used in a silent auction and the proceeds will, “benefit a good cause,” according to BMW’s Facebook page.



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