River Rafting Down the Vaal


river-rafting-down-the-vaalThe Vaal River is the largest tributary of the Orange River in South Africa.

Class one to four rapids can be experienced on one of their trips. Offering packages in both Parys and the upper Vaal. They also offer one-day and weekend outings with accommodation.

The minimum age that can participate are ages fourteen and up. Consultations are advised prior to booking. Only two clients per raft are allowed. Guests are required to wear either a swimsuit or t-shirt and shorts, shoes that tie, buckle or Velcro, sunscreen or lip ice, tight fitting cap or hat, sunglasses must have a strap, wind breaker and a dry set of clothes for after is highly recommended.

Additional equipment includes rafts and equipment, APA river guides, waterproof containers and a cooler box. Additional fees exclude alcoholic drinks, items of personal nature, meals and accommodation.

The river gradings are as follows:

Grade 1
Moving water with a few rocks and small risk to swimmers and self-rescue is easy.

Grade 2
Easy rapids with small stoppers. The line down the rapid may require some maneuvering, but is easy to read. Swimmers are seldom injured and group-rescued.

Grade 3
High irregular waves with numerous obstructions. Complex maneuvering may be required. Scouting from the bank may be necessary. Swimmers are seldom injured and self-rescue is relatively easy, but group-rescue might be required.

Grade 4
Rapids are long and difficult. The water is very turbulent and stoppers are powerful. Scouting from the banks is often necessary. Rescue s difficult but essential. A good Eskimo-roll is required. Not recommended for beginners.

Grade 5
Extremely difficult, long and violent, with large drops, narrow passages and complex boulder fields. Scouting definitely necessary. Rescue is difficult and life-threatening. A reliable Eskimo-roll, proper equipment, extensive experience and practice rescue skills are essential.

Grade 6
Danger to the utmost degree. Not recommended unless a good amount of experience and skill has been built up over a good amount of years.

Venue: Vaal River, Parys, Gauteng | Vaal River, Upper Vaal, Gauteng
Time: Various

Email: kobus@supertouch.co.za

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