Sophiatown Urban Experience


sophiatown-urban-experienceSophiatown Urban Experience provides a personal encounter with Sophiatown itself, bridging ages between the past and the future.

A visit to the 1930s home of Dr Xuma with a walking tour of this historic multicultural suburb. From learning about the Sophiatown legends who helped shape history, to dancing. This tour stops at points of interest that shaped the city of Johannesburg and her townships, and created culture that influences us even today. It includes visits to three national heritage sites. Booking required.

Venue: Sophiatown the Mix, 71 Toby St, Sophiatown, Cnr Edward Rd, Johannesburg
Time: Mon to Sat 9am to 4.30pm
Cost: R60 – R185

Tel: 011 477 3490 | 083 550 7130
Facebook: Sophiatown the Mix
Twitter: @softown_theMix

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