Zip2000 at Sun City


Zip2000 Temporarily closed

Zip 2000 has the world’s fastest zip slide and is also one of the world’s longest zip slides. The Zip slide has an average speed of 120 km per hour over two kilometres and reaches speeds up to 160km per hour.

“I was extremely excited about having a chance to ‘fly’, even it was only for a couple of minutes. It’s not every day that one gets to be suspended in the air without the sinking feeling of free-falling, but rather the elation of soaring. What is particularly appealing about this zip slide compared to others is that you lie on your stomach in a canvas bag of sorts instead of sitting in a harness.” Read Lauren Vogt’s review of Zip2000 at Sun City.

Venue: R556, Sun City, North West
Time: 9am to 3pm
Cost: R650 | R90 spectators

Tel: 014 557 1544
Email: |

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