Soweto Towers Vertical Adventure


The decommissioned cooling towers in Soweto were originally built for the Orlando Power Station, but is now the surface of South Africa’s largest mural and site of the world’s first power swing between two cooling towers.

Guests are harnessed by a guide and then lifted in an open-air elevator to a height of 97m. A floating staircase takes guests to the final 3m to the 100m viewing deck with a 360º view across the horizon. Guests have one of two choices: bungee jump from the suspension bridge or SCAD free fall from the world’s highest free fall.

Other adventures include climbing, paint-balling and base jumping. Note that there are no bookings – operators work on a first come first served basis.

Venue: Soweto Towers, Cnr Sheffield Rd & Chris Hani, Orlando East, Soweto
Time: Thu & Fri 12pm to sunset | Sat, Sun & public holidays 10am to sunset
Cost: 100m bungee jump R550 | Straight jacket bungee R900 | SCAD free fall R400 | Base jump R200 | Climb R48 | Paintball R160 | View R80

Facebook: Soweto Towers

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