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Getting a wholesome start to the new year can be stressful, and learning to reset your mind, body and soul takes time and a lot of focus. But why not accomplish all three with one practice? We’ve all heard about the benefits of yoga – greater flexibility and strength, increased energy levels, decreased stress levels, and much more – and with this list of unique yoga studios in Joburg, there shouldn’t be any excuse to get your flow on.

indie yoga


Location: 3 Quartz Rd, Fourways, Sandton
Times: Classes run daily, throughout the day
Style of yoga offered: Indie Yoga, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga

The experience: A sanctuary in the city – with no distractions, this hushed studio (cultivated since 2004) helps transport guests to the quiet space within. Each session is an experience, as Indie Yoga urges yogis to surrender to body, to instructions, and to limitation – allowing each class to flow into a lesson of self-awareness and liberation. Whether you’re swinging your hips, shushing your mind, singing your heart’s desire or sleeping through savasana (final corpse pose), yoga at Indie Yoga aims to exercise the body as well as emotional intelligence, strengthening the relationship you have with yourself and life.

Special offer: First-timers can have one week’s worth of unlimited classes for R200, or commit to a full month of unlimited classes for only R600
Added extras: For something a bit more intensive but just as liberating, Indie yoga also hosts Tai Chi classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays
Upcoming Events: Valentine’s Play, Connect and Trust (9 Feb)

Website: indieyoga.co.za | Tel: 084 800 4444 | Email: info@indieyoga.co.za
FacebookIndie Yoga Twitter: @haumofyoga


Indie Hot Yoga


Location: 3 Quartz Rd, Fourways, Sandton
Times: Daily (Monday – Sunday), with a class each morning and another class or two in the evenings
Style of yoga offered:  90-Minute Bikram, 70-Minute Bikram, Bikram Flow Fusion, Vinyasa Flow, Inferno Pilates & Yin

The experience: Indie Hot Yoga strives to make you sweat. Using a combination of infra-red and heat-pump heating, their studio is able to reach the ideal temperature and humidity for each discipline. The heat warms up the body, allowing yogis to deepen stretches with less chance of injury – making it great for both the yoga warrior and the yoga-clueless. Other benefits of heated yoga include the release of toxins and increase in the body’s circulation, immune system and lymphatic system – not to mention a killer endorphin rush! People come to Indie Hot Yoga to sweat, heal, stretch, to find their breath, and to find themselves.

Special offer: For first-timers, Indie Hot Yoga offers 10 consecutive days of unlimited classes for R250, 1 month of unlimited classes for R700 OR 10 classes valid for 2 months for only R890. They also give traveller and students & pensioners discounts.
Added extras: An Inferno Pilates class is taught every Wednesday morning, and there is also a small retail space that offers mats, towels, straps, mat bags, eye bags, shoulder bags, water and even electrolyte replacement.

Website: indiehot.co.za | Tel: 082 924 2020 | Email: info@indiehot.co.za
Facebook: Indie Hot Yoga | Twitter: @indie_hot


move me mind body


Location: 32 Jacana St, Douglasdal
Times: Group classes Wed 6pm & Fri 9am (max. 5 people p/class) | Private Classes Mon to Fri, between 8am & 5pm
Style of yoga offered: Alignment-based Vinyasa

The experience: Expect intimate classes held in a quaint, secluded space overlooking a lush, green garden. Move Me, Mind Body offers classes that are very limited, but with a high focus on individualised body realignment. This enables teachers to cater acutely to every body. Classes are an hour long, utilising a style that is slower than most vinyasa classes and focused on ideal alignment for the body – this way, learners receive the maximum benefit of each pose, with the risk for injury very low. Apart from the group classes, privates and teacher training courses on offer, there’s also the option to have an instructor come to teach to you at home.

Added extras: Massages are available

Website: movememindbody.co.za | Tel: 084 500 1877 | Email: movememindbody@gmail.com
Facebook: Move Me Mind Body | Instagram: @movememindbody


Lotus lifestyle centre


Location: 25 Queens R, Bryanston, Johannesburg
Times: Morning classes Tues, Thurs to Sat | Lunchtime class Mon & Wed | Evening classes Mon to Thurs
Style of yoga offered: Yin, Restorative, Hatha & Vinyasa

The experience: Jessica Simeonides (the founder of Lotus Lifestyle Group), after returning from an enlightening trip to India, set off on a mission to help others live the Lotus Lifestyle: to live a truly happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Within this mission she created a peaceful retreat – Lotus Lifestyle Group. Surrounded by gardens bursting with life, Lotus Lifestyle Group is a small, community-based studio with a focus on making the Yogic lifestyle easily accessible to all. It offers yoga, meditation and lifestyle consultations to adults and children in group and private sessions, helping guests escape everyday stress and be apart of a warm, supportive community.

Special offer: A special of 30 days unlimited classes for R380 is available to first-timers. Lotus Lifestyle Group also offer private classes at an arranged suitable timeslot.
Upcoming Events: Whole Health and Happiness Retreat (8 to 10 Mar)

Website: lotuslifestyle.co.za | Tel: 084 499 8944 | Email: info@lotuslifestyle.co.za
Facebook: Lotus Lifestyle Group | Instagram: @lotuslifestylegroup


murakie in motion


Location: 28 Rae Frankel St, Brackenhurst, Alberton
Times: Morning classes Tue to Fri | Late afternoon/evening classes Mon to Fri
Style of yoga offered: Hatha yoga

The experience: Meraki In Motion is a tranquil Wellness Center that brings like-minded practitioners and therapists together to promote a balance between body, mind and soul and everyday environments. What better way is there to improve that balance than through yoga? They have two yoga teachers, Denise and Colleen – Denise bases her style on Hatha but includes asanas, breathing, meditation, flow and strength (mixing in Pilates), and is very good at preventing injury; while Colleen focuses more on calming and relaxation, and also offers pregnancy and kids’ classes. Putting love and soul in all they do, Meraki In Motion offers something for everyone. 

Added extras: In addition to yoga, Meraki In Motion also offers Tai Chi, meditation and dance classes to all ages
Upcoming Events: Infant CPR and First Aid (2 Mar) | Adult CPR and First Aid (6 Apr) | Journey to self-Nomade (5 May) | Domestic and Care Giving First Aid (25 May)

Website: merakiinmotion.co.za | Tel: 010 880 2880 | Email: info@merakiinmotion.co.za
Meraki In Motion

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