Pamper Your Pet With These Unique Concepts


Pets deserve to be pampered, too. Whether it’s through grooming, a spa treatment, behaviour management or healthy food, there are many ways to show your pet how much you love them. So we’ve compiled a list of companies whose top priority is the health and wellness of your beloved fur-children.

Hot Dog


HotDogs are the leaders in the mobile grooming industry in South Africa. They take care of your best friend’s grooming needs at your home, inside their luxury fully-fitted mobile salon. 

HotDogs offer you, the busy dog lover, a convenient and professional pet grooming service. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that your beloved pet is not taken off your property and is immediately being returned back to their garden after their pampering is complete. HotDogs visits homes in and around the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.

Choose from the comprehensive Standard Package or the Style Me Up Package, which includes the Standard Package as well as hair cutting and styling. Extra services are also offered. For more information about what these packages include, visit the HotDogs website.

HotDogs Mobile Grooming also runs a regular grooming programme that clients can join. Joining this programme ensures that your pet is looked after and groomed regularly, on an interval cycle of the owner’s choice. The mobile grooming parlour in Gauteng recommends that pets should be groomed every 4 weeks, and offers cycles from 1-12 weeks. Joining the programme has many benefits including payment discounts, not having to wait weeks for an appointment when they are fully booked, moving or canceling appointments without being penalised and, of course, keeping your pet in excellent condition, looking and smelling great.

The staff are friendly, professional and reliable dog-lovers who are qualified in both pet and show-dog grooming. As their logo states ‘WE CREATE JOY’, and they truly do. HotDogs also grooms cats.

Location: Hot Dogs operates in and around the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Click here for a map of the area they cover or phone to confirm whether they visit your area.

Tel: 0861 000 777 or 083 641 7111 or 074 584 7721 | Email: | Website:




Paleopet Pure™ believes in a holistic approach to the care of pets. They produce and sell whole foods that they have researched and proven to be more beneficial for pets than pellets and pharmaceutical drugs. Eating raw food can not only prevent and help with common health issues but increases the longevity of your pet.

Dogs and cats naturally eat raw food, and in the last few decades, as the belief that processed food is better for pets has grown, the number of ailments pets suffer from has drastically increased. Paleopet Pure™ produces Biologically Appropriate Raw Food meaning it is formulated to mimic a dog’s natural evolutionary eating habits. The meals are designed to meet all of your dog’s nutritional needs and are made from the finest ingredients.  Paleopet Pure™ ensures that all the animal products they use are humanely farmed, are free from hormones and growth promoters and that their practices are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

They offer a variety of complete and complementary food for dogs. Complementary foods can be fed to dogs as meal replacements, treats or to be used as a base to make your own complete food. Complete meals, which provide your dog with all the nutrients they need, are made primarily from meat and bone with 20% fresh, raw veggies and fruit and natural supplements including Omega 3.

Their dog food as well as natural supplements and grooming and accessory items can be purchased off their website or from select stockists.

Location: Units 16 & 17, 18 Edendale Rd West, Eastleigh, Johannesburg

Tel: 011 026 8388 | Email: | Website:


Canine Companion


Amanda van der Walt is a registered and qualified canine behaviourist and trainer. She offers behaviour consultation as well as dog and puppy training sessions. Her aim is to strengthen your relationship with your dog by teaching positive ways to a happier home environment for both you and your dog.

Amanda can help with almost all behavioural issues that your dog might have such as house soiling, disobedience or aggression. Through arranged home visits, Amanda will observe your dog in their personal environment and discuss the details of their behaviour with you. During the consult she suggests a straightforward plan that typically consists of a few simple changes that need to be implemented for a few days or weeks, depending on the severity or intensity of the problem.

Canine Companion also offers training for both adult dogs and puppies. Positive reinforcement methods are used and encouraged throughout the training sessions.

Tel: 082 952 4958 | Email: | Website:



This pet grooming spa, pet boutique and deli in Joburg believe that all pets deserve to feel like royalty. They offer services and supplies to dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and ages. The groomers are highly experienced and hand-picked to ensure that pets receive the royal treatment they deserve. All shampoos and grooming products used are high-end and hypoallergenic, optimising the look and feel of your pet’s coat.

The spa services on offer include a blueberry facial to revive your dog’s skin and fur and leave him smelling fresh and clean; a ‘paw’dicure paw and pad treatment; feather extensions for your pet’s fur; and de-shedding or de-matting. Grooming add-ons include tick and flea prevention treatments, therapeutic and relaxing massages, and teeth brushing.

The Royal Pooch and Co also have a Mobile Grooming unit, so pets have the option to be pampered comfortably in their own safe home environment.

Location: Kingfisher shopping centre, 37 Kingfisher Dr, Fourways, Johannesburg

Tel: 060 655 3884 | Email: | Website: | Facebook: The Royal Pooch and Co

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