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After all the hours of work that go into organising a wedding, it’s important to document it with just as much effort. Finding the right wedding photographer is not an overnight decision, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Christine Hogg has found a selection of photographers who are passionate about capturing special moments.


Leigh Benson is a Parkhurst-based portrait and wedding photographer with a passion for “creating timeless memories for you to treasure”. She offers an hourly rate, so brides and grooms can tailor packages to their particular requirements and budget. After deciding on how long the photographer is needed, extras – such as digital and print options – can be added. Leigh is also a firm believer in #existinprint and offers a range of quality fine art print folios, albums and wall art beyond high resolution digital imagery, which can be discussed prior to the wedding. For all bookings, a complimentary meeting over a cup of coffee, phone call, Skype or Facetime is included.

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Salt ‘n’ Pepper photography is run by husband-and-wife team, “Stef and Steph”, who have worked together since 2010. After getting married in 2011, they developed a new perspective on weddings. Empathising with the emotions brides and grooms go through on their special day, their goal is to capture the excitement of each wedding in an authentic way. “Your love is a one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime adventure, and it deserves a wedding photographer who understands that.”

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Romaen is an East Rand-based photographer with over ten years of experience in all genres of photography. She loves that it can be both creative and technical at the same time, and considers taking photos her number one passion, promising to always give 110%. Having a background in documentary photography, she believes it is essential to get to know your subject. “How you want to portray yourself is important. Not how I want to portray you,” she says. To ensure the wedding couple can relax and enjoy the celebrations, Romaen treats every photo shoot with the utmost respect, as if she were shooting her own special moments. She understands how much time and effort goes into a wedding day, and how important it is to capture it authentically.

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Vintage Heart Photography is run by a husband and wife duo who have a diverse passion for people. They create what they call “heart stories”, using natural light and adding a vintage twist. Clients have praised the team for making them feel comfortable, and producing work that is “beautiful, creative, professional and full of heart”.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 072 476 6873


Carla is a wedding and lifestyle photographer with a romantic flair. To describe her work, she mentions a quote by Sarah Dessen: “Behind the camera, I was invisible. When I lifted it up to my eye it was like I crawled into the lens, losing myself there… and everything else fell away.” Carla has a soft and artful way of capturing special moments, creating timeless photographs to keep forever. She considers herself a perfectionist who is passionate about weddings and turning them into heart-melting moments. She promises to tell each unique story with “pure, inspiring and romantic photography”.

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Herman is a portrait and wedding photographer who says he shies away from normal photos because they “are staged and they make people feel awkward when they are made”. This is why he avoids a posed set-up and shoots in a candid style, making the couple feel as comfortable as possible. “I will document your wedding in a way that looks like I was never there, and that will allow us to make art,” he says. His goal is to capture moments that people often miss but are key to telling a real story.

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Led by Bettina, Shoot the Moon offers wedding photography that combines editorial elegance with a photo-documentary style. Because each wedding is unique, galleries are handcrafted to tell the story of how each particular day unfolds. Bettina also insists on building a strong relationship with her clients, and offering a tangible experience beyond simply taking photos. She promises to deliver “carefully crafted imagery catching the very essence of you, your day and the wonderful emotions you felt.”

Website: | Email: | Tel:  078 099 4372

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