Vegan and Plant-Based Living in Joburg


Whether it is for health, environmental or ethical reasons, the number of South African vegans is doubling every two years. If you are currently vegan or are open to supporting either the vegan or plant-based movements, we have put together a list of some of the city’s ethically-minded businesses. Regardless of whether it is food, fashion or wine you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

Vegan and Plant-Based Living in Joburg


Pink Piggy Lifestyle is a family-owned online supplier of vegan, plant-based and vegetarian food. With each of their products having been tried and tested by its founders, they believe in only selling the best on the market.

Pink Piggy Lifestyle was created in the hope of making a plant-based lifestyle more attainable for all South Africans. They aim to create a space in which lifestyle choices and dietary needs can both be achieved ethically and not at the expense of other lives.

Their vegan  products include vegan cheeses, butter and yoghurt, frozen ready-made meals, a gluten-free range, ‘meats’, baked goods and pies. They also stock Pig ‘n Paws donation cards, which you may choose to gift to a loved one on their birthday along with Pink Piggy Lifestyle’s vegan rainbow cake. In the spirit of Easter, they have recently added vegan chocolate eggs to their product range.

Pink Piggy Lifestyle is solely online, but delivers to anywhere in South Africa. They offer free delivery in Johannesburg and Pretoria if you spend R625 or more.

Where: Online

Contact: 083 299 0851 |
Facebook: pinkpiggylifestyle
Twitter: pinkpiggylife

Vegan and Plant-Based Living in Joburg


Sapmok, or the Afrikaans word ‘kompas’ spelt backwards, began in 2015 as a Modern Africa Adventure brand with an aim to support conservation efforts.

Sapmok’s shoes are created by some of the best cobblers in South Africa, with comfort being a priority. Their shoe sizes range from children’s size 1 to men’s size 14. All cutting, measuring and stitching is done from scratch, allowing great amounts of creativity in the manufacturing process. If you wish, Sapmok gives customers the opportunity to be involved in the manufacturing process though choosing the material and colour of their shoes.

With a history of creating shoes from leather, Sapmok is now including more sustainable products in their range. After creating vegan vellies for a wedding photo shoot in Cape Town, their vegan series came to be. They are now growing their brand and shoe collection to not only include leather shoes, but also a greater variety of sustainable plant-based products. For Sapmok, this is only the beginning of a brand guided by even greater environmental responsibility.

Photograph by Nina Zimolong & Zach Louw.

Where: Online | 69 Thomas Edison, Menlo Park, Pretoria

Contact: 063 619 9763 |
Facebook: sapmokHQ
Instagram: sapmok

Vegan and Plant-Based Living in Joburg


Voted one of Joburg’s best markets, the Vegan Hippie Connection Market offers a space of positive vibes, good people and 80 market stalls. This includes 12 vegan food stalls, vegan skincare stalls, vegan food products, ethically manufactured clothing and shoes as well as a number of esoteric stalls.

The market is a space where the vegan community can come together and connect over a meal, before doing a monthly stock-up. The food products include vegan biltong, cold ‘meats’, ice cream, pancakes and a host of other savoury and sweet dishes and products – all 100% vegan deliciousness.

You don’t need to be vegan to join the festivities. If you’re interested in the vegan lifestyle and movement, the market will give you reason to taste a great variety of delicious foods and chat to some inspiring vegan Joburgers. The vendors include doctors, vets, architects, biochemists and healers – all passionate about veganism and our green earth.

The market is soon branching out to Magaliesburg and will be taking place at the White Dog Taproom on 1 June, 24 August and 30 November 2019. 

Where: Pirates Sports Club, 25 Braeside Rd, Parkhurst, Johannesburg | Last Sunday of every month | 9am to 3pm

Contact: 072 731 4799 |
Facebook: veganhippieconnectionmarket
Instagram: veganhcmarket

Vegan and Plant-Based Living in Joburg


Tabu Foods manufactures and provides high-quality, plant-based whole fermented foods and imported Japanese macrobiotic products. They also offer vegan macrobiotic consultations, counselling and seminars, all of which are based on the age-old principles of the Macrobiotic Diet as developed by George Osawa.

Their products include, but are not limited to, miso, picked vegetables, teas, tempeh burger patties, sea vegetables and dry products.

Mika, the chef behind many of Tabu’s products, discovered macrobiotics 13 years ago. She realised that health and wellness lie not only with good food, but with every aspect of how we choose to live our lives. As a result, she changed to a whole-plant-based diet and is now promoting this incredibly delicious and healing way of eating.

All of Tabu’s products are certified organic, are non-GMO and in most cases, are locally sourced. Whilst manufacturing, the macrobiotic principles are strictly adhered to, ensuring a perfect balance between Yin and Yang. This promotes a balanced, alkaline diet.

Where: Online | Stockists

Contact: 083 409 4224 |
Facebook: tabufoodSA
Instagram: tabufood

Vegan and Plant-Based Living in Joburg


The Bespoke Artichoke was born out of the need for a cruelty-free space where South African vegans do not need to label-check and compassionate people can shop with confidence.

With the aim to bring convenience to ethical shopping, The Bespoke Artichoke has sourced vegan-friendly items from all over South Africa and a little over our boarders. These items include vegan eats, body, face and hair products, clothing, cookbooks, accessories, kid’s products and pet’s products.

All the products listed on The Bespoke Artichoke are certified by Leaping Bunny or Beauty Without Cruelty. Their vegan eats are locally made and palm oil free. They have also kept their packaging to a minimum and only use up-cycled bubble wrap when necessary.

In light of The Bespoke Artichoke’s view that we are the stewards of this planet, their commitment to choosing ethical products is unwavering. They are all about peace over violence, freedom over slavery and assisting South Africans to make ethical choices even when life is busy.

Where: Online

Contact: 0768774704 |
Facebook: thebespokeartichoke
Instagram: thebespokeartichoke

Vegan and Plant-Based Living in Joburg


Infinite Foods is a distributor, licensor and manufacturer of best-in-class, plant-based protein products. They distribute across Sub-Saharan Africa, enabling their partner brands to reach the African continent faster and with less risk.

Infinite Foods’ mission is to create consumer solutions that conveniently replace animal protein with plant protein. They find purpose in knowing that this shift in consumption is not only beneficial to human health, but also to our planet and the other lives we share it with. As a result of their commitment to human health, their partner brand’s products are made from all-natural ingredients such as peas, beetroot, wheat, coconut oil and potatoes.

With one billion consumers eating $70 billion worth of milk and meat protein in Africa each year, Infinite Foods believes that there is a better way to feed the planet. They believe that plant-based protein is one of the key pillars of global food security.

Infinite Foods’ products can be found at various places, including The Fussy Vegan, Hudson’s Burger Joint, and The Butcher Shop & Grill. Find the complete list of their stockists on their website.

Where: 50 Oxford Rd, Parktown

Contact: 076 407 0563 |
Facebook: InfiniteFoodsAfrica
Twitter: InfiniteFoods

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