Plant-Based Nutrition in Joburg


With the number of South African vegans doubling every two years, our businesses are listening and the number of vegan and plant-based food options is ever increasing. Whether you are looking for food products, plant-based nutritional advice or places to socialise and celebrate, we’ve got you covered.

Plant-Based Nutrition in Joburg


Having been a vegan for 12 years, Irene began experimenting with vegan cooking for many reasons. One was the fact that if she could create good vegan cheese, her vegetarian husband would make the final transition to veganism. With a passion for nutrition and veganism, a power blender and a husband to convert, Irene began a journey that led to Irene’s Gourmet opening in 2016.

The Irene’s Gourmet product range is extensive, including dairy-free cheeses, plant-based yoghurt, gut-healing fermented veggies, burger patties, falafel, pesto and good-fat butter. With the health of their customers and the environment top of mind, Irene’s Gourmet does not include palm oil in their products. And if you are gluten intolerant, you will be able to enjoy all of their products. 

They have recently expanded their dairy-free cheese range to include some exciting and innovative new products. The offerings include two new feta and four new cream cheeses. The base ingredients of these new products are sunflower and hemp seeds. 

Irene’s Gourmet products are stocked in many retail outlets and health shops around the country as well as various restaurants. For more information on their stockists, visit their website

Where: 6 Gerhardus St, Unit C Hi-tech Mini Factories Strydompark, Randburg

Contact: | 082 587 4832
Facebook: irenesgourmet
Instagram: irenesgourmet

Plant-Based Nutrition in Joburg


Happy Earth People are a community of wellness warriors who have created a range of wholesome, superfood products. Both owners, Candice and Taleszia, are from Joburg and are providing South Africans with a range of nutritious eco-conscious food, using legumes as their core ingredient. They are passionate about conscious living and connection  – connection with ourselves, each other and the planet.

Happy Earth People believe that legumes are the answer to many of our global health and sustainability issues. Legumes not only support healthy bodies, but when they are grown, the good bacteria found in their root systems leave soil even healthier after harvest.

Their range of handmade products includes Red Lentil Fusilli Pasta, made with nothing but red lentils. They are high in protein and fibre, are low on the glycemic index and are naturally gluten free. Their 100% Chickpea Fusilli Pasta is also delicious, guilt-free and made from 100% chickpeas. It is high in fibre, protein and is gluten free.

Happy Earth People love creating products with a purpose. Products that offer you delicious, nutrient dense meals while keeping consciousness and producer responsibility top of mind.

You can find their products in Pick ‘n Pay and Dis-Chem stores nationwide. For more information about their stockists, visit their website.

Where: Online

Contact: | 061 416 3723
Facebook: happyearthpeople
Instagram: happyearthpeople

Plant-Based Nutrition in Joburg


Vegan Street Food ZA, powered by Vegan Protein, supports South Africans in joining the growing movement towards a plant-based lifestyle. They offer premium, organic foods and supplements, and aim to dispel the belief that eating healthy, plant-based meals is too expensive.
Whether you are vegan or not, they invite you to try their wide range of entirely plant-based foods. Their menu includes gourmet vegan pies with mash and gravy, the renowned Beyond Meat plant-based burger with garlic wedges as well as tasty kebabs and wraps. They also stock vegan hot dogs, croissants, cheese, mayo, coco-shake protein smoothie bowls and plant-milk yoghurts.
Their stock of staple dry goods includes their Organic Clean Vegan Pea Protein Isolate, oats, chickpeas, tofu, lentils, chia seeds, plant munchies as well as frozen goods, which you can prepare for yourself at home.
Their online store includes their full range of deliverable products and is regularly updated with new additions, couriered to your door throughout SA for your convenience.
When purchasing through, know that their products will be provided in planet friendly glass jars and compostable packaging.
Where: Online | Private pop-up events (by arrangement)

Contact: | 079 399 3520
Facebook: veganstreetfoodza
Instagram: veganstreetfoodza

Plant-Based Nutrition in Joburg


Hudsons, the Burger Joint, as the name implies is a popular American diner with a contemporary twist. Not only it is a place of rock and roll beats and mounted New York City street maps, but Hudsons has recently added an entire vegan section to their menu.

Hudsons is the place to try the famous Beyond Meat Burger patty. They combine it with vegan mozzarella, vacon (vegan bacon), lettuce, tomato, house pickles and mustard. With names such as the Busker Pizza, the Blogger and the Fashionista Pizza, Hudsons’ pizzas combine different veggies, some with avo and rocket, others with olives and fresh basil.

In creating their vegan burgers, Hudson’s uses vegan ingredients to boost flavour. Some burgers come with vegan mozzarella, vegan chipotle mayo or vegan feta. Others include ingredients such as vacon, caramelised onion and grilled pineapple. Their Stack Burger has a chickpea and lentil patty, whist their Stomper Burger patty is made out of falafel one.

Every Monday, you get half price off all Hudsons vegan mains as part of their Meat-Free Monday special.

Find peace of mind knowing that Hudsons is also working with biodegradable products where possible and putting steps in place to drastically limit the food waste in their kitchens.

Where: 4th Ave & 14th St, Parkhurst, Randburg | Hawley Road, Bedfordview, Germiston | Club One Shopping Centre, Hazelwood.

Contact: | 011 268 0713 | | 011 455 0616 | | 012 346 2619
Facebook: HudsonsBurgers
Instagram: HudsonsBurgers

Plant-Based Nutrition in Joburg


Debra Langley is a professional pharmacist, wholefood plant-based nutritionist, author and keynote speaker with more than 25 years of experience in the field of health and wellness. She offers various services, including plant-based nutrition talks, a 12-week introduction to wholefood plant-based eating, body composition assessments, a 12-week disease reversal programme as well as health and wellness coaching.

If you are curious about plant-based eating, but are not sure how to begin, Debra offers a 28-Day Wholefood Plant-Based Challenge. The programme includes a wholefood plant-based ebook, email tips and advice, Whatsapp and email support, personal coaching, InBody scans and the support of an online community. You can choose to go at it alone or ask for a more personalised approach.

Through making well-informed food choices, Debra believes that we can experience authentic health and wellness. As you work to lose weight, prevent chronic illnesses or alleviate your diabetes, acne, digestive issues or high cholesterol levels, Debra works to motivate, educate and guide you whilst you take your next steps on your health journey.

Where: Pretoria, Gauteng

Contact: | 083 310 3747
Facebook: plantbased2go
Instagram: plantbased2go

Plant-Based Nutrition in Joburg


Let’s be healthy and create wellness for ourselves. But let’s also live life, enjoy good food and have a cheat meal once in a while. This is what The Vegan Chef provides fellow South African vegans – delicious, cruelty-free comfort foods. 

Whether you are craving a Buddha Bowl with seasoned chickn, a plate of vish and chips with slaw or a toasted cheese, tomato and vacon sarmie, they have got you covered. The Vegan Chef’s platters can serve two or four people and include sticky chickn wings, vish pieces, southern fried chickn, chips and slaw. After dinner, you can choose to have a vegan donut, muffin, cupcake, trifle or a bowl of vegan ice cream. 

The Vegan Chef is the first vegan dark kitchen in Johannesburg. Therefore the majority of their customers order via electronic delivery services and apps. The Vegan Chef can be found on Uber Eats, Mr. Delivery and Idelivered. If you wish to eat out, they also have an outdoor eating area. 

Not only does The Vegan Chef do take-away and sit down meals, but they also cater for functions. Contact them for more details on their catering services. 

Where: Co. Space, Unit I26, Corner of Brand Road and Swart Street, Midrand

Contact: | 072 117 8550
Facebook: theveganchef01
Instagram: theveganchef01
Twitter: theveganchef01

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