Adult Art Classes at Lillian Gray


adult art classesThe Lillian Gray Art School offers morning and evening art classes for adults.

These art classes are for all levels of artistic skill, meaning each person is allowed to progress through the curriculum at their own speed. There is not one activity per class which means that students can explore different mediums to their own liking. The philosophy is not that students are taught how to be creative, because we are all creative. The class teachers merely show you how to let yourself be creative.

The mediums students can work in are oil paints, watercolours, inks, acrylics, soft pastels, oil pastels, drawing, charcoal, clay and scraper board.

The cost of a class includes coffee and tea and in class materials and tools. Art materials are not included. Students need to buy their own.

Lillian Gray is a Contemporary South African Fine Art Artist with international recognition. In 2019 she had exhibitions in New York and London and 2020 will see her work reach Spain, Chicago and Miami. She believes in creating unique art pieces that could serve as an investment for her clients as well as empowering people to reach their full creative potential.

Venue: Lillian Gray Art School, 82 Kessel St, Fairland, Johannesburg
Time: Tues 8.30am – 11am & 10.30am – 1pm | Wed 8.30am – 11am & 10.30am – 1pm | Thurs 6pm to 8.30pm
Cost: R990 per month | R300 per class

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Tel: 076 828 2448
Facebook: @lilliangrayart
Instagram: @lilliangrayart

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