Teenage Art Classes at Lillian Gray


teenage art classesThe Lillian Gray Art School offers art classes for teenagers, where they can learn the fundamentals of art and art history in a fun way.

The Lillian Gray Art school aims to fill in the gaps left by school curricula that rarely give the subject of art enough time. They meet the child wherever they are at, whether they are a creative genius or just trying to finish a school project.

They also teach art history and art appreciation, but not in a boring way. Lillian Gray is known as a visual storyteller. She engages her audience with cartoons, (drawing as she explains) and various multimedia such as videos, and images. Her engaging art history classes will make you remember what you need to know to Ace your Art History tests.

The mediums students can work in are acrylics, soft pastels, oil pastels, drawing, charcoal, clay and scraper board.

The cost of a class includes a cooldrink, class notes and in class materials and tools. Most art materials are included.

For prospective art students, they also offer assistance in completing a portfolio, especially if the child wants to further their studies at an institute in Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Lillian Gray is a Contemporary South African Fine Art Artist with international recognition. In 2019 she had exhibitions in New York and London and 2020 will see her work reach Spain, Chicago and Miami. She believes in creating unique art pieces that could serve as an investment for her clients as well as empowering people to reach their full creative potential.

Venue: Lillian Gray Art School, 82 Kessel St, Fairland, Johannesburg
Time: Tues 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Cost: Enrolment is per term; payments made monthly | R990 per month

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Tel: 076 828 2448
Email: hello@lilliangray.co.za
Website: www.lilliangray.co.za
Facebook: @lilliangrayart
Instagram: @lilliangrayart


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