What’s On in Joburg Statement


#Lockdown2020 is here

…and the responsible action is for everyone to be super vigilant with hygiene and social distancing: we need to work together to beat this.

At What’s on in Joburg we will be keeping you in the loop with safer ways to enjoy what’s still on in Joburg, along with status updates on events. It is up to us all to do what we can to support local businesses, particularly in the creative sector.

Many talented people have dedicated their lives to bringing us entertainment that lifts our spirits and opens our minds. We need to cherish them. If we want to step out of this lockdown into a vibrant, positive, colourful Joburg, we need to show our artists, our musicians and our performers just how much we care.

We hope to have some good news for you very soon.

Thank you,
What’s On in Joburg:
Aubrena, Benn, Yusuf, Juanita, Khanya and Daisy

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