Virtual Exhibition – Lumieres d’Afriques


Virtual Exhibition - Lumieres dAfriquesThe virtual exhibition of Lumieres d’Afriques presented by The Standard Bank Art Gallery showcases 54 artworks that are each created by an artist from different African countries.

This exhibition is an internationally renowned project by African Artists for Development (AAD) founded in 2015. The theme of the exhibition is titled “The Light of Africa”, which gives viewers insight into the culture and subject matter of the artist’s narratives, premised on the idea that the 21st century belongs to Africa.

The theme and exhibit reflects on the challenges facing the development of the continent.

The virtual tour provides an interactive online space that guides viewers in and around the Standard Bank Art Gallery, providing in-depth view of the exhibition space and its content.

The virtual tour is designed so that viewers can move around freely in the gallery space, while observing artworks that also have links to a video footage dedicated to that particular artist and artwork.

The Standard Bank Gallery is currently closed until further notice due to preventative measures put in place to combat the Coronavirus (covid-19).

The public and art enthusiasts are able to view the virtual exhibition of Lumières d’Afriques here:

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View the Virtual Tour Here

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