Plated Convenience – Meal Delivery Service


Plated Convenience Meal DeliveryPlated Convenience is delivering health conscious food with a diverse range of packages that assists fitness routines as well as accommodating dietary needs for individuals and families.

The meal selections caters for exercise programmes, athletes and people wanting to maintain nutritional values and wellness. The health-orientated products are all made from scratch, with locally sourced ingredients and spices.

The Plated Convenience orders are delivered within 2-5 working days, the varied portions range between 250g – 300g, depending on nutritional needs or diet plan. The menu includes tailor made options such as the Weight Loss Package, which provides sustainable and long-term weight loss and is available in various sized portions.

The weekly curated options include the 21 Day Banting Friendly Package, Diet Doctor Protocol meals and the Plated Black Series that works best for gymming activity. The 21 Day Challenge package offers a starter pack consisting of ingredients to further assist with workout and fitness routines.

Address: Shop 5 Calliandra Centre, Calliandra Road, Montana Pretoria
Delivery Time: TBC
Delivery Cost: TBC

Tel: 072 373 7608
Facebook: @PlatedConvenience 
Instagram: @plated_convenience

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