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Whether you need to brush up on some skills, kickstart your career or learn something new, there is a range of online classes and courses opening up a world of interactive learning.

We’ve put together a list of course, lead by industry experts, to give you the lowdown on creative, theoretical, tech-based, and business avenues. From painting with precision to getting to know digital marketing or computer coding, you can master your trade with these online learning platforms that offer creative and practical know-how.

Think Camp


Rocket Hour is exactly what every Wizz-kid needs to start their journey into the tech-savvy field of coding. Through online, tutor-led classes, young minds learn how to build apps, make games and even construct their very own website from scratch. Working with small classes of no more than 8 students, Rocket Hour ensures your child gets the personal support they need to master the art of code.

Rocket Hour provides a long-lasting coding foundation for kids to venture into this exciting field with the potential to become a coding expert. It’s just like learning a language. The only difference is that coding involves computer-based tools that are used to develop software skills in Web Design, App Development, Robotics and Game Creation.

The attentive tutors encourage kids to think outside the box through a fun, rigorous and project-based curriculum. Their aim is to help young minds solve all coding questions and acquire the knack for critical thinking. Classes range from beginner, intermediate to advanced levels.

Rocket Hour online classes provide real-time, live interaction between tutor and student. This is where computational thinking meets digital expression.

These online extramural lessons give you the option of selecting a flexible timeslot so to best fit into your changing schedule. Starting off with a personal assessment of your child, Rocket Hour guarantees you the perfect match of class, ensuring your son or daughter is challenged but never overwhelmed.

Website: Email: Tel: 011 568 7712
Facebook: @ThinkCampSA 

The Art Institute


The Art Institute offers a look into the world of Art History, studying the iconic periods from the Old Masters, Contemporary to Modern Day influences.

Art lovers learn to unpack the centuries through an extensive scope of study. The aim is to give students valuable insight into this fascinating field.

The online course is a no brainer for art enthusiasts, who have little to moderate experience in art history studies. Those eager to learn more about cultural/societal impacts have access to expansive content of artistic progress from one module to the next.

The Art Appreciation Course is curated and presented by Hilary Kay, with contributions from 12 art specialists with the aim to inspire future art scholars. Whether it’s a hobby or an additional asset to add to your resume, this diploma highlights the progress of understanding artistic influences from past to current practices.

The 12 modules are collated with extensive content where online users also receive on the spot assistance as personal tutors that are available 24/7 for support.

Website: Email: 
Facebook: @theartinstitute | Instagram: @onlineartappreciation

Red & Yellow School

Red & Yellow School

Red & Yellow School offers future-focused learning when it comes to giving candidates a boost in specialised skills and career development for the 21st century.

Their online courses are adapted for the digital age, designed alongside industry-leading experts. The school prides itself on connecting candidates with values in leadership, creative thinking and social intelligence with a strong emphasis on the interaction between people.

The Lockdown Bootcamp provides full-format online courses, specifically designed to strengthen learning during the lockdown. This consists of three self-standing modules from popular courses available at an affordable rate. Compiled to enhance skill-sets in Digital Content and Copywriting Digital Marketing and Professional Certification Project Management.

Participants are able to complete the rest of these courses in the future, once they have completed the Bootcamp.

The Advanced Diploma and Certificates are all accredited and spearheaded by experts in their field. The extensive content helps you build a base to grow and achieve all your career goals.

The Short Courses offer a diverse and unique selection of content. Master digital channels of Performance Media, hone in on strategic skills in Marketing Strategy with so much more to try out.

Website: Email: Tel: 087 2273 283
Facebook: @RedAndYellowEd | Instagram: @redandyellowed

The Institute of Makeup Artistry


The Professional Makeup Artistry Course is perfect for aspiring creatives giving you a palette of possibility to express your flare.

The Institute of Makeup Artistry is headed by top stylists who assist in fine-tuning techniques for a number of high fashion, photographic, special effects and theatre stages. They aim to help you perfect industry-specific standards and offer sought-after expertise.

Teachers focus on the current makeup trends guiding students into the latest fashion. The course combines theory and practical tasks, giving students the rundown of specialised know-how and artistry.

There is free access to video tutorials that adds additional content to the learning experience. The course also teaches students how to succeed as a Freelance Makeup Artist, honing in on areas of entrepreneurship and building a client base.

The teaching staff has also collaborated with leading makeup brands to provide students with exclusive savings of up to 40% on makeup products and equipment.

Facebook: @theinstituteofmakeupartistry | Instagram: @theinstituteofmakeupartistry

iBi Art School


iBi Art School enlightens the inner artist in you, inspiring new and established artists to be creative with an experienced art teacher, Isa Schwartz Gesseau.

As a mentor, Isa collaborates with her students by offering personal attention in molding your artistic flare. She has been teaching art for over 16 years in her studio, along with dedicated community art workshops, Isa believes in the power of art to benefit positive behavioural change through visual mediums.

The IBI Art School gives enthusiasts the freedom to openly express themselves as Isa provides an interactive space for private one-on-one sessions including group classes. Artists are spurred into a world of creativity and learn a variety of technical skills in drawing, painting and mixed media all taught with dedicated passion.

This online art escape offers exciting weekly themes that tackle new and inspiring ideas. Participants are able to broaden their horizons ideal for the avid art practitioner and newbies on the artistic block.

Website: Email: Tel: 083 600 4030
Facebook: @ibiartschool | Instagram: @isagesseau

The Nutrition Institute


The Nutrition Institute offers a complete breakdown of nutritional aspects giving participants an array of training into life-changing values.

The teaching staff spotlights health with a keen understanding in food consumption, meal planning and bodily systems. Whether your aim is to improve eating habits or become more aware of nutritional processes.

The course focuses on Systems of Digestion, nutritional components, product knowledge, vitamins and even the intricacies relating to Mind-Body Connection. This compliments increased awareness of what people consume, how this interacts with the physical and emotional well being. Participants are encouraged to become their own personal nutritionist as well as develop within professional capacities.

The Nutrition Institute offers its students regular support from staff on an ongoing basis. The holistic approach of how we perceive food intake forms part of the comprehensive learning experience.

The Facebook group also provides communication across the globe where fellow students can share feedback, make new friends, and talk about everything nutrition.

Website: Email:
Facebook: @TheNutritionInstitute | Instagram: @the_nutrition_institute

The Interior Design Institute


The Interior Design Institute features a hands-on approach that taps into your creative potential for just about any spatial setup.

Design enthusiasts learn how to get into the creative mode with Space Planning and adding the final touches with content focusing on Interior Finishes. Expert tutors offer valuable tools of the trade, giving you exposure in the creativity behind key designing needs. Learning tools are both practical and up to date with the modern design industry.

Change the way you view the potential within interior spaces. Take your design skills to the next level with Advanced Modules that delve into 3D modelling/rendering software with SketchUp and AutoCAD.

The latest online learning techniques allow for ease of access to information. Novel ideas on interior design, puts students in the designer’s seat to work on their own or alongside clients.

Students also have experience in crafting their very own professional portfolio. There is additional access to video content featuring Darren Palmer’s ‘Masterseries’ as well.

Website: Email:
Facebook: @TheInteriorDesignInstitute | Instagram: @theinteriordesigninstitute

The Photography Institute


Want to expand your photography skills? The Photography Institute guides participants through the techniques of capturing quality images and operating equipment.

Whether you’re photographing food, high-end fashion, live-action sport or elusive wildlife, the course covers the ins-and-outs of theory and practical training.

Learn about the difference between how lighting and colour affect images, and become an expert on equipment and software. You can learn how look through the lens with a creative and inspired eye.

Take your photography to the next level with pre and post-production tools, while learning the digital camera skills and more. The course helps you connect with the process of taking professional images from start to the finish. The course features expert photographers from all industries and other professionals, who share their expertise and skills in an engaging and creative space.

The Photography Institute offers options of diploma courses and a free website portfolio to display your work. Modules include Film & Digital Process, Cameras & Lenses and Retouching, Resolution & Printing.

Facebook: @ThePhotographyInstitute | Instagram: @thephotographyinstitute

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