Small Businesses Making Big Moves #SupportLocal


The past few months have emphasised the need for us to #SupportLocal businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. And South Africa has no shortage of amazing local businesses that offer up their talent and skills to make you move, build your confidence, and bring you quality products. While we continue to shine a spotlight on homegrown entrepreneurs, here’s our pick of just some of the small businesses making big moves in Joburg.


Petal&Post is owned and run by Kim du Plessis, a town planner who learned about her passion for floristry while living in Australia for 2 years. She now lives in beautiful Cape Town, where she loves to brighten up the city with fresh blooms every day.

Kim and her team gather the freshest seasonal blooms from Cape Town and Johannesburg’s local surrounding farms and creates a unique arrangement that will be available for one week only.

A picture of the Posy of the day is posted at 7am each morning on their website, Instagram and Facebook pages. The Posies can be upsized to Double Posy or Triple Posy, pre-ordered in advance, and topped up with treats such as handcrafted chocolate, scented candles, locally made hand cream and a variety of beautiful gift sets.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 072 405 8657
Facebook: @petalandpostcapetown | Instagram: @petalandpostsouthafrica


Inspired by her granny’s traditional hair practices used by Nguni women, Ntombenhle Khathwane started AfroBotanics in 2010 with the aim to honour generations of African women and age-old beauty traditions derived in a sustainable manner from natural sources around Africa.

AfroBotanics formulates, manufactures and retails beauty products inspired by African beauty secrets using African botanical oils.

Their first products were for African hair and addressing hair problems caused by naturally dry hair. The range of products is designed to penetrate the hair to moisturise, soften, de-tangle and condition curly hair.

” For years I was never able to wear my hair natural because it was too dry, brittle, tangled, coarse and hard to manage and style. Like many modern women, I thought the best thing to do was to soften and straighten it using harsh chemicals. I learned from an unlikely source that I could have soft, manageable hair without applying damaging, harsh chemicals to my hair,” she said.

AfroBotanics now stocks hair and body care products for all types of skin as well as ranges for kids and babies.

“Beauty and presentation of self have always been central in African cultures denoting different things such as age, social, political, cultural and religious status, and I am honoured that I get to play a part in keeping our history alive to share with the world.”

Website: | Email: | Tel: 011 029 0502
Facebook: @Afro-Botanics | Instagram: @afrobotanics


Founder Wesley Vos has dedicated his local brand, VOSK shoes, to making a difference. After studying marketing at Stellenbosch University, the entrepreneur decided to create a business with a greater purpose.

VOSK is a sneaker brand that specialises in men’s and women’s low top shows and apparel.

“VOSK is more than just a sneaker brand. Yes, we love trendy footwear and apparel, but we also love making an impact. In fact, we love to ‘Imprint Africa’. What does that mean? It means, wherever we go, we try to help someone along the way,” Wesley said.

This ethos gave birth to partnership between VOSK and Emmanuel “Manny” Ohonme, Nigerian founder of Samaritan’s Feet. Their mission is to help bring an end to the spread of foot-borne diseases and infections derived from 1.5 billion kids going barefoot. By purchasing a pair of VOSK shoes, They’ll give a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 082 323 3690
Facebook: @voskshoes Instagram: @voskshoes | Twitter: @voskshoes


Sihle Magubane’s adventures in coffee began almost two decades ago when he was selected for training at the Ciro Coffee Academy. Here he obtained the comprehensive International Barista Certificate through City & Guilds, an internationally accredited training body.

After a decade of experience in the field as a renowned barista and trainer,  Sihle was inspired to launch his own brand. Sihle’s Brew is now stocked in a number of retailers and offers four different blends.

Sihle still provides training at coffee shops and restaurants as part of his comprehensive package, and he continues to grow and develop the Sihle’s Brew brand.

“I started Sihle’s Brew because of the passion I have for coffee. Where I used to work there were a lot of limitations in relation to introducing my fresh ideas. One day I just decided to open my own business; and that is how Sihles’ Brew was born,” he said.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 011 042 7440 | 082 041 4552
Facebook: @Sihles-Brew  | Twitter: @SihlesBrew


Chocoloza was founded by Vicki Bain, a former environmental and sustainability consultant,  14 years in Belgium turned her into a homesick chocolatier. After qualifying as a chocolatier and pastry chef she worked for the artisanal chocolatiers in Belgium, Demeestere and Neuhaus. But there is no place like home, and so Chocoloza was born.

“All of these experiences left me convinced that there is only one way to make exceptional chocolates, and that is with passion, craftsmanship, and excellent ingredients. You have to have all three. I’ve tasted beautiful Belgian chocolates made with bad ingredients or made in a rush or without an appreciation for the craft. That’s not what Chocoloza is about. We want to combine the best of both worlds – Seriously Belgian but also, Naturally African,” she said.

The team is made up of women from all over Africa, who each bring their own skills and beautiful characters to the mix.

From marzipan and salted caramel to pralines and chocolate bars, Chocoloza offers a range of sweet treats with pure Belgian chocolate, the best South African ingredients and a serious dose of passion and craftsmanship.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 010 900 4892
Facebook: @chocolozabelgianchocolates | Instagram: @chocolozabelgianchocolates

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