The Cheese Cake Gourmet Graze Boxes


Mouth-watering, decadent and luscious are a few words that come to mind when thinking about the gourmet Grazing Boxes from The Cheese Cake! It’s an all-in-one luxury spoil that provides you with everything you need and more without breaking the bank!

The Graze Box To Share is made up of the perfect combination of cheese, biltong, dried fruit, nuts, crackers, fresh fruit and homemade treats for that quintessential date night or a spontaneous afternoon picnic at home. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic picnic that is simple, yet sophisticated and provides so much variety.

Those with a sweet tooth are in for a treat with the Tea Time Dessert Box, the great way to set up a cosy afternoon tea at home. The kit includes chocolate brownies, caramel biscuits, homemade truffles, seasonal fruit, cheese, fig preserve and garlic can herb crostini.

Besides just a self treat or afternoon spoil, these delicious and tempting Grazing Boxes are equally suitable for a catch-up session with friends, board or  Zoom meetings, small gatherings, and can double as a great corporate gift.

The Cheese Cake is a small catering venture owned by Maria Lambie, who specialises in creative ways of presenting cheese ‘cakes’ and buffet platters made up of the finest speciality cheeses. If you are planning a special Function, Birthday or Wedding Celebration, Lambie and her team can add a touch of deliciousness, beauty, elegance and memorable gastronomic experience for all your guests!

Get in touch with Maria Lambie via email or Whatsapp on 082 322 2338 to order your Grazing Box.

Tel:082 322 338
Facebook: @theweddingcheesecake

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