Fundraiser | Helping Madosini Build a Home


Rootspring leads a fundraiser in support of the retirement of Madosini, a musician, teacher, living archive, and international cultural treasure.

Known for her prowess with various traditional instruments such as the uhadi and mhrubhe musical bows, and the isitolotolo, Madosini has performed with numerous musicians and abroad on various occasions. She has performed at all WOMAD festivals around the world, the first person to be recorded and documented in the festival’s Musical Elders Archives project.

Although considered a South African national treasure, Madosini rarely gets asked to perform in the country despite an international career of note. She is currently living in the township of Langa, her home of many decades and it is her wish to build a house at her ancestral home in the Eastern Cape.

In support of her wish, this fundraiser project aims to collect not only money, but also donations in the form of expertise (architects etc), building materials and individuals who resonate with the campaign to join the team and help in any way they can.

Details for the those wishing to donate are as follows:

Acc name: Madosini Fundraiser
Bank: FNB
Acc no: 62857572640


Tel: 076 963 2658
Facebook: @rootspringmusic
Twitter: @Rootspringmusic
Instagram: @rootspring_music

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