Gauteng Virtual Library


Gauteng’s department of sports, arts, culture and recreation has launched an online eBook, audiobook and video platform to provide thousands of library users with popular reads.

From fiction to children’s titles and video content, the library is available to anyone with an active library card number. Readers can use an existing library card from your nearest local library or apply for a new card on the site.

The Gauteng Virtual Library is stocked full of classic children’s titles, new book releases and at-home learning sessions.

For teenagers, the library has a collection of age-appropriate series, from fantasy fiction to romance. It also has a separate classics section, so teenagers can do some extracurricular reading for their English classes.

The adult collection features over 700 eBooks and audiobooks available to borrow. The Gauteng Virtual Library also has a great selection of non-fiction titles, covering a range of topics.


Visit the Apple App Store/ Google Play Store to download the Libby App – a platform that allows you to read eBooks and audio books from your local public library for free. If you are part of a book club, send your book club name to and suggest books that you need to review.

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