Bunny Hop Haven Animal Sanctuary


Bunny Hop Haven Animal SanctuaryThe Bunny Hop Haven animal sanctuary is a home for rescued and rehabilitating exotic pets and farm animals. Schools and families can spend time interacting and feeding farm animals during their visit.

The non-profit company is a haven and home to rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, pigs, and tortoises. The animals are up for adoption where the haven has a strict home check and adoption process. Besides being an animal sanctuary, the Bunny Hop Haven is an educational and play centre too. The Bunny Hop Haven serves an educational purpose for children. Children can interact and learn about the animals outside of what they see in books, the TV, or the internet. The haven encourages playing and feeding the animals. The sanctuary contains a children’s jungle gym for endless hours of fun. There is an onsite restaurant alternatively, visitors can bring their own food and drinks and enjoy a picnic at the entertainment area where there is seating available.

The Bunny Hop Haven is registered with the Community Hours SA.  As a result, the haven hosts several high school students who need to complete their community service hours. Additionally, many children volunteer their time purely for the love they have for the animals.

Besides the play visits, the Bunny Hop Haven hosts educational programmes for Grade R to Grade 3 children with the teachers. As a part of the programme, children help the haven. For instance, children’s tasks include planting in the vegetable garden, feeding the farm animals and playing with the baby bunnies.

During the lockdown, the Bunny Hop Haven is operational to visitors and volunteers. The haven has instilled new health and hygiene protocols when visiting. There are hand sanitiser stations at all animal enclosure entrances. Consequently, the sandpit is closed and children’s bikes are no longer available.  Most importantly, the wearing of masks is essential. Subsequently, COVID safe kids birthday parties are now available for a maximum of 30 people are available from 1 September. It is essential to make a booking for parties.

The entrance fee covers the cost of the vegetable buckets, vet fees and staff salaries.

The Bunny Hop Haven is currently in need of help. Any amount of donation can be donated here.

Venue: The Bunny Hop Haven, 59 Frederick St, Observatory, Johannesburg, 2187
Time: Tues to Friday 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 4pm | Sat to Sun 10am to 4pm
Cost: R35 per adult | R45 per child, which includes a bag of vegetables | R10 per extra bag of vegetables

Tel:  082 307 7057 | 073 397 0140
Email: info@bunnyhop.org.za
Website: bunnyhop.org.za
Instagram: @bunnyhophavenbookings
Facebook: @thebunnyhophaven
Twitter: @TheBunnyHopHav1


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