Made by Mama Bongi


Made by Mama BongiMama Bongi is an entrepreneur baker who specialises in choc chip cookies which are personally made by Mama Bongi.

Mama Bongi lives at and works in the kitchen of her mentor’s office in Wynberg Chelsea. Working for Amazing Spaces is Mama Bongi’s day job when she is not baking. The girls there have helped grow the Mama Bongi cookie business. This allows Mama Bongi to send money home to her children who she had to leave behind in Zimbabwe.

Mama Bongi has always dreamed of being a teacher. Her cookie business allows her to lift up and teach others to cook with her. She is now able to improve her kids’ lives as well as those around her.

Mama Bongi started by making cookies for Amazing Spaces’ clients and they loved them so much that they started asking if they could buy them. This is how the idea of Mama Bongi’s cookies was born. She is grateful every day for the opportunities and love shown to her and wants to be able to pay it forward to others.

Support Mama Bongi by purchasing some of her delicious and fresh choc chip cookies as well as a vegan option. Deliveries are available to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Kimberley, Bloemfontein and East London.

Additionally, assist Mama Bongi to grow the business and purchase a commercial cookie mixer to keep up with the demand of her choc chip cookies. Click here.

Tel: 082 774 3532
Instagram: @mama.bongi
Facebook: @MamaBongiCookies

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