Swiitchbeauty Swiitchbeauty is a South African online make-up and skincare company. Rabia Ghoor started Swiitchbeauty in 2015 when she was only 14 years old, and today Ghoor is currently running a local empire.

Ghoor saw that South Africans lacked the make-up variety of brands that are easily accessible overseas and if it was found here, it was expensive. She wanted to create an affordable product that did what it was formulated to do. Her project started as an Instagram page and two products and now it houses beauty products for the face, skin, lips and brows.

Swiitchbeauty differs from other make-up brands because when it comes to the product development process Ghoor crowdsources from her social media followers. Instead of telling them what they need, Ghoor asks and considers the consumer’s needs and then uses that in her formulation. Her products are ones she uses so she can optimize it for efficiency. None of their products or raw materials are tested on animals at any stage of the production process.

Swiitchbeauty products are sold over their website is available for delivery, nationally. They host pop-up events throughout the year in Joburg and Cape Town.

Tel: 076 343 1680
Email: info@swiitchbeauty.com
Website: swiitchbeauty.com
Facebook: @swiitchbeauty
Instagram: @swiitchbeauty
Twitter: @swiitchbeauty


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