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JumpStart - Online Learning ActivitiesJumpStart offers a range of tech-based education, curriculums and fun online tools for kids to expand their knowledge.

The platform hosts a variety of educational games, activities and modules that cater to all ages. Parents can choose from a wide range of  subjects and activity-learning via the website. The fields of study are interactive and offers the fundamentals to help kids engage with critical thinking and various concepts.

The Back-to-school activities and After-school activities are available on their website.

English, Art, Maths, Science, Geography and Social Studies are some of the subjects available. The platform is designed as a play and learn educational source, with the aim to make learning enriching and enjoyable.

The online material is aimed at preschool learners, Grades 1- 5 and many options suitable for older learners. Parents also have access to educational resources to help plan their kid’s studies. For more information please visit: www.jumpstart.com

Cost: Various

Website: www.jumpstart.com
Facebook: @JumpStart
Instagram: @jumpstartgames



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