BundubeardA good quality brush and razor can last a lifetime, eliminating hundreds of discarded plastic cartridges, shaving foam cans and plastic disposable razors from landfills and oceans. Bundubeard aims to offer South Africans a classic and eco-friendly alternative to disposable shaving products. The budget-friendly element of their products is also worth mentioning: non-disposable shaving products can reduce a man’s lifetime shaving costs from R2 000 000 to around R10 000.

They do their best to keep their products and packaging as earth-friendly as possible, using either recycled materials or materials that can be composted or reused. Their soaps are glycerine-based, making them both earth- and human-friendly. Bundubeard’s soap ingredients can be found on their website.

In light of there being varying opinions on what is best for our planet, Bundubeard offers three different brush types. If you would choose animal products over plastic, they offer boar (also known as bristle), badger and horsehair brushes. If you are inclined to not support the use of animal products, they also supply synthetic brushes. Their brush and razor handle come in wood, metal, resins, bone, horn and a variety of other materials.

Venue: D10 Rhenosterfontein Rd, Pretoria
Cost: Various

Tel: 083 564 6088
Email: bundubeard@gmail.com
Website: bundubeard.co.za
Facebook: @bundubeard
Instagram: @bundubeard

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