The State of the Arts Documentary


A brand new South African documentary, The State of the Arts – The Forgotten Industry, is a  snapshot of the struggles faced by some of the country’s entertainment and live-performing artists during the Covid-19 pandemic and the still-ongoing lockdown restrictions.

The short film weaves together stories of various entertainment artists, including Kyle Watson, TiMO ODV, Majozi, Goodluck, Dean Fuel, Lady Lea and others, who have been unable to derive an income even as restrictions eased for virtually every other industry in South Africa.

The State of the Arts Director, Adrien Conradie, aka Aidin Caye – DJ and Producer,  was inspired to make the documentary to showcase the difficulties faced by his colleagues and friends who are reliant on live performances for the majority of their income.

Anyone wishing to support the arts and the various stakeholders, there are initiatives like the South African Fund for Entertainment and Cash for Creatives.

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