UCook Craft Meal Kits


Meal KitsUCOOK is revolutionising the way that South Africans eat with meal kits offering menus crafted by top local chefs, and local sustainably sourced ingredients measured down to the last gram.

UCOOK came about when two friends, David Torr and Chris Verster-Cohen, wanted to find a more convenient and exciting way to help people make dinner. This without necessarily employing the services of a private chef, shopping till the trolley is full, doing various expensive cooking courses or eating out every night.

Each week, there are 12 seasonally inspired dishes designed by pro chefs to choose from. No week is the same. Foodies then create restaurant-quality meals in minutes themselves, from ethically sourced ingredients, in the comfort of their own kitchen. UCOOK delivers everything: From pre-portioned ingredients to recipe cards.

They have one goal in mind – to contribute to socio-economic, environmental, and food security in South Africa. They do this by teaching the consumers about where food comes from, showing them how to support small businesses and farmers with every order, and making every meal as convenient – and wholesome – as possible.

They believe in ethical eating that’s really good for people and for the planet too. All ingredients are portioned and packed exactly to the customer’s needs, thereby eliminating food waste and single plastic usage. All of the items in the box can be recycled and they pick up the box that the food is delivered in every week. Seafood is sustainably fished, meats are pasture reared and free-range, and UCOOK sources organic, GMO-free vegetables from the Philippi Economic Development Initiative.

Along with their kits, they feature wines from local estates. There are also ready-made, flash-frozen Craft Meals for a night’s break from cooking, and Baby Food.

Subscriptions can be paused at any time.

Tel: 021 447 4424
Email: support@ucook.co.za
Website: www.ucook.co.za
Instagram: @ucooksa 
Facebook: @UCookSA


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