The Gallivanting Goose


Gallivanting GooseA scavenger to treasure hunt is a fun way to spend some quality family time together and exercise the mind and teamwork skills.

An app-driven scavenger hunt designed for groups, The Gallivanting Goose is a great way to engage with urban sights and sounds in a new and interesting way. Choose from a range of games such as an urban experience in the CBD, a historical experience, up close with nature, indoor games and even a wheelchair-friendly game.

The Gallivanting Goose creates what is commonly known as a scavenger hunt. The game is played live, where participants can view in real-time their progress, and keep tabs on the other competing teams visually, including their scores. There are 16 to 30 challenges within a game (depending on location and duration). Each challenge within a game is equal to a certain amount of points and requires a photo, video or text to complete it. Further points are added manually by the facilitator for creativity, originality, clarity and correct answers during each game. Games are offered in Cape Town and surround, as well as the Johannesburg region.

Venue: Various
Time: Various
Cost: Various

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