Migrant Cuisine Storytelling Dinner


Migrant Cuisine Storytelling DinnerJoburgPlaces in hosting The Migrant Cuisine Storytelling Dinner that involves the history and stories of the migrant communities of the city and their foods.

It is a casual eating experience with six migrant-inspired dishes, appealing to the adventurous foodie. Guests are seated in different private dining rooms for the meal courses. The storytelling takes place in a separate room between meal courses with all the guests together.

The storytelling is presented by Charlie Moyo while the food is prepared by the culinary team of Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure. The schedule is as follows:

5:30pm: Guests arrive and enjoy drinks
6:00pm: Asian-inspired starters
6:15pm Opening story: Johannesburg’s Asian communities (Cape Malay, Indian and Chinese).
6:45pm: Two Pan-African main courses
7:15pm: Storytelling: Pan African Migration
7:40pm: Two desserts are served
8:00pm: Storytelling: Portuguese, Italian, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern migration
8:30pm Dinner ends, last drinks and bills
9:00pm: Venue closes in line with current lockdown restrictions.

The six-course meal (with vegan or vegetarian alternatives on request) ranges from Cape Malay-inspired butternut soup, Chinese-inspired beef dumplings, Zimbabwean-inspired sadza, Mozambican-inspired Matapa, Indian mango lassi and Mediterranean baklava.

A maximum of 20 guests is booked for each storytelling dinner.

Venue: Charlie & Gerald’s Town Treasure, 110 Fox St, Johannesburg
Time: 5.30pm to 9pm
Cost: R695

Tel: 082 894 5216
Email: gerald@joburgplaces.com
Website: www.joburgplaces.com
Joburg Places Migrant Cuisine Storytelling Dinner| @TownTreasure


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