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Epic HikesEpic Hikes was born from the passion for the outdoors and the adventure of exploring them. The team really want to spread a love for nature and make people realize that the great outdoors is more than a hobby but a culture. A culture that values adventure and the beauty found in the wildest parts of the earth.

​​Join them as they take the next step and keep exploring without relent. Epic Hikes is excited to build a brand that is worn and carried by many and only created for the passion of exploring – in doing so, coming home to a sense of self is a primary goal.

There will never be a day that Epic Hikes do not want to take a new path, walk on unpaved roads, visit places yet to be discovered and learn new techniques.

What they offer: 

  • Curated one day hikes in the heart of the cradle of humankind – 58 Cradle (predominantly sunset, sunrise and Sunday hikes).
  • Weekend hiking and camping trails (Gauteng, Durban, Drakensberg, Cape Town, Lesotho and Namibia).
  • Team building hiking trails and activities (on request by client).
  • Tailor-made hiking trails or Private Hikes (upon request by bespoke clients, a group of friends or organization).
  • Thought-provoking conversation triggers on every Epic Hike, to not only stimulate the mind, educate fellow hikers but also to enlighten them in more ways than one
  • Hike retreats

Email: info@epichikess.co.za
Website: www.epichikess.co.za
Instagram: @epichikes

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