Veldskoen Slipper


Veldskoen SlipperVeldskoen Shoes, famous for their hand-stitched, locally produced vellies with colourful soles, is expanding its product range with the Veldskoen Slipper. This luxury leather slipper is described as more of a hybrid shoe. An olive green, silky Nubuck leather exterior is fully lined with pure, fluffy sheep skin for the ultimate comfort and warmth. 

‘When the entire Veldskoen team was working from home during the pandemic, the product development team thought it was time to give South Africa a shoe that suited the new normal’, explains the team. 

The slipper can be worn both indoors and outdoors thanks to the brand’s trademark and sturdy sole giving it the proper durability. And the sleek, cropped design makes it easy to wear casually on a grocery or school run.

The Veldskoen Slipper retails for R1399.

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