TWO GINGERS ginSouth Africa’s craft gin scene is a massive movement, and one to try right now is TWO GINGERS gin. This Cape-based distillery started production in January 2022 and specialises in four distinct flavours, each capturing the different seasons.

La Primavera, which translates to ‘the first greens of spring’, follows through on its name with a fresh and green bouquet of wild jasmine, lemongrass and other botanicals. 

Summer is celebrated in the form of Pink Pomelo Gin influenced by grapefruit. The team recommends serving this tipple neat or simply on crushed ice to really savour the fresh finish. 

For winter, the team suggests Soul Flame with smooth and warm notes of cardamom, cassia, and coriander. Subtle sweet undertones of sweetness can be traced from citrus and jasmine.

The Spice Route Gin rings in autumn are heavily infused with spices such as the grains of paradise, liquorice root, and sweet orange for bold gin. Serve it as a G&T and garnish with orange peel or cinnamon bark. 

TWO GINGERS gin founders Simon Cranswick and Wynand de Vries (both redheads, hence the quirky brand name) both wanted a gin that tasty gin that is flavourful enough without having to add any tonic.

Where to get it: Shop online for delivery, or via most retailers including Tops at Spar.

Tel: 021 180 2852
Facebook: @TwoGingersGin
Instagram: @twogingersgin

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