Hennops Hiking Trail


Hennops Hiking TrailThe Hennops Hiking Trail is easily accessible from both Johannesburg and Pretoria and offers a beautiful hiking experience for any level.

Three trails – the Dassie Trail which is 2km long, the Zebra Trail which is 5km long and the Krokodilberg Trail which is 10km long – start at the Hadeda Camp and travel along the Hennops River before taking hikers into the surrounding mountains.

At the river crossings, visitors travel over a suspension bridge and a cable. There are also historical landmarks along the trail, an underground cave and what remains of old dolomite mines.

Picnic spots and accommodation are also available onsite.

Address: Hennops, R511, Pretoria, Gauteng
Times: Mon to Fri from 7am to 1pm | Sat and Sun from 6am to 1pm

Tel: 082 825 9205
Email: info@hennops.co.za
Website: www.hennopstrails.co.za
Facebook: @hennopshiking
Instagram: @hennops_hiking_trail

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