A New and Permanent Ferris Wheel Just Opened at the Waterfall City Funfair Theme Park


Waterfall City, Johannesburg’s Smart precinct, opened a FunFair themed park in partnership with Fairy Wings Entertainment that looks set to be another perfect destination for kids, families, and couples. 

There are multiple rides on offer that will keep the little ones busy such as the Crazy Wave, Bus, Tilt a Whirl, Carousel, Mini Ferris Wheel, Teacups, Candy Train, and many more. 

The Ferris Wheel is a beacon of fun and a great activity option when the weather is good. Enjoy stunning city sights of the Waterfall area from the top of the wheel. Standing at an incredible height, this observation wheel is now permanently positioned in the space with 26 gondolas that seat up to 6 people. 

Waterfall City

Make an afternoon or an evening of this wonderful attraction with a booking at some of Waterfall City’s best restaurants and bars. For a special date experience, plan your visit around golden hour for an extra romantic touch.

Cost: 1 ticket costs R20. Small Rides require 1 ticket, big rides 2 tickets, Dodgens 3 tickets per car, and the Giant Ferris Wheel costs 3 tickets. Full Day Passes are availabe at R250 per person. Tickets can only be bought at the gate
: Tues to Thurs 9.30am – 4pm | Wed & Fri  10.30am – 5pm | Sat & Sun  8am – 5pm

Where: Waterfall Park, Cnr Karkloof Cres & Lisbon Ln Entrance 26, Mall of Africa, Watervall City, Midrand
Tel: 072 376 9667
Email: lolets81@gmail.com
Website: waterfallcity.co.za/play/venture-outside
Facebook: @fairywingsentertainment
Instagram: @fairywings.entertainment

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