Distillery Tours & Tastings in and around Joburg


Behind every delicious spirit is the distillery where it was passionately crafted to tantilise the tongues of its tasters. Joburg and its surrounds feature a wonderful variety of distilleries, each with their own stories and unique flavours, all eager to welcome enthusiasts into their world for an education in crafting the perfect spirit.

From eye-opening tours to exquisite tastings, and masterclasses that give guests the opportunity to create their own special drink, these distilleries aim to turn spirit enthusiasts into connoisseurs of the craft.

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Black Horse Brewery & Distillery: Passionately crafted organic spirits

Black Horse Brewery and Distillery, based in Black Horse Estate, has been at the forefront of craft brewing and distilling in Magaliesburg, offering unique crafting experiences to the public. Visitors can enjoy a tour of Black Horse Distillery & Brewery where they can experience the distillation and brew process with all five senses and receive an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how the spirits and beers are made.

The tour price includes a branded glass and a beer or gin tasting of choice. The tour is a 45-minute production line tour, culminating in the tasting room with a tasting flight of available spirits or a beer tasting.

Guests can also opt for just a tasting option. Bookings are required for the tours, but walk-ins are welcome for the tastings.

Cost: From R276pp (tours) | R80pp (tasting), Book via Blackhorse Distillery

When: Mon to Sun, 11am to 3pm
Where: 32 Zeekoeihoek Road, Magaliesburg

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Ginologist Gin Distillery: Gins distilled using the finest exotic botanicals

In the heart of Old Johannesburg lies Ginologist Gin Distillery, home to the popular South African craft gin label. The gin bar in Johannesburg offers great cocktails, delightful tastings, and intimate tours of their distillery. Every Saturday, their knowledgeable bar team prepares all the drinks and tasting boards to welcome guests for their own tasting experience paired with a delightful distillery tour.

Guests can choose to elevate their tasting experience by getting a full gin masterclass, which offers a day filled with gin and the opportunity to craft their very own signature gin. The masterclass also includes a guided distillery tour, along with a gin tasting and a gin blending session.

All distillery visits should be arranged in advance.

Cost: R80 per board (gin tasting) | R450pp (masterclass), Book via Dineplan

When: Sat, 12pm to 6pm
Where: 1 Fox St, Ferreiras Dorp, Johannesburg

Seated guests watch as a distillery professional addresses them

Time Anchor Distillery: A gin tasting and gin making masterclass experience

Johannesburg’s Time Anchor Distillery is host to a fine gin tasting and making experience. Gin connoisseurs can visit the distillery and learn about, explore and taste special gins. The gin tasting follows a formal sit down, taste, and discuss format, allowing guests to ask questions and engage over the three different liquids the distillery has to offer.

Through the gin crafting experience, guests get to dive into the captivating world of gin and distillation, unlocking the secrets that make a great gin under the expert tutelage of Shanna-Rae Wilby. With a library of over 40 botanicals, guests can create their own one-of-a-kind blend.

Once the process is complete, the final step is the creation of a personalised bottle for their crafted gin.

Cost: R275pp (tasting and masterclass) | R900 (gin school), Book via Time Anchor Distillery

When: Weekdays, 9am – 3pm
Where: 16 Dartfield Road, Sandown, Sandton

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Johannesburg Distilling Company: Explore a range of gin, vodka and rum

Johannesburg Distilling’s spirits are hand-crafted in a micro-distillery in the heart of Johannesburg and draw on the city for inspiration. The distillery’s story spans more than a decade of passion for wine, beer and fine spirits, and a life-long love affair with flavour, aroma, character and exceptional mouthfeel.

The distillery, whose design strikes the perfect balance between the clinical practicality of stainless steel, the old-school warmth of copper, and the refreshing nature of organic greenery, offers both tours and tastings. The vast majority of its spirits are built from scratch, using a foundation of high-grade molasses, water and a super-secret blend of French yeasts and nutrients.

The tour and tasting combo allows guests to witness the ‘from scratch’ process that produces its beloved spirits, whilst giving them a taste of the final product.

Cost: R150pp, Book via Joburg Distilling

When: Mon, Wed & Fri, 2pm to 5.30pm | Sat, 11am to 2.30pm
Where: Shop 1, 102 Corlett Drive, Birnam, Johannesburg

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The Noble Experiment Distillery: Let the tasting be-GIN

The Noble Experiment offers fantastic gin tastings along with providing gin enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about what goes on in a craft distillery, and what inspires the production of these extraordinary products. The standard gin tasting allows guests to sample three flagship gins. Tastings are DIY style and include how to pour a perfect gin & tonic using each gin.

The distillery also offers a 3-hour masterclass like no other. Guests get to choose their favourite flavour base and additional top-note botanicals to create a truly one-of-a-kind signature craft gin using one of the crafted Portuguese pot stills, made from copper for a smoother flavour. At the end of the distillation process, guests blend, bottle and hand label their spirit.

Guests finally graduate with a 500ml bottle of bespoke gin in hand, crafted to reflect their personality and palate. Note that booking is essential.

Cost: Prices available upon request, Book and enquire via The Noble Experiment

When: Wed to Sun, from 11am
Where: The Noble Experiment, Prison Break Market, 10 MacMillan Rd, Glenferness AH, Midrand

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African Spirit Distillery: Carefully distilled African gin

The African Spirits Distillery is a distillery specialising in the creation of rum, spirit aperitifs and gin. The distillery only uses an inimitable mix of molasses and carefully selected first-quality raw materials.

The alcohol is the result of a meticulous distillation process followed from start to finish. To give the public an intimate look into their processes, The African Spirit staff organises a number of excellent guided tours, tastings and events by reservation.

Bookings are essential to arrange the details of the event under guest wishes, needs and budget.

Cost: Prices vary depending on type of booking made | Book via African Spirits

When: Mon to Fri, 8am to 4.30pm
Where: Unit 14, 15 Top Road, Anderbolt, Boksburg

Founder, Tony and distiller, Chris pose in the Primal Distillery

Primal Spirit Distillery: Gin made from scratch

Primal Spirit Distillery is based at Victoria Yards in Johannesburg, an urban regeneration project where lush green belts of edible plants surround arts and crafts in brick warehouses. This is one of the few distilleries that make their neutral spirit from scratch.

The sustainably grown hard red wheat is milled, mashed and fermented in-house. It is then triple-distilled to create the vodka-based spirit of gins. Primal Distillery aims to create gins with distinctive flavour profiles that have a very local identity, allowing them to stand out in the market. The highest quality of ingredients, subtle balance of flavours, lots of testing, patience and determination are in each bottle produced.

Gin enthusiasts can pay the distillery itself a visit and purchase some of their fine gins, including various taster boxes.

Cost: Prices vary depending on product of purchase | See prices in-store

When: Mon, 10am to 6pm | Tues to Fri, 9.30am to 6pm | Sat, 10am to 3pm | Sun, 10am to 4pm
Where: Victoria Yards, Unit 5a, 16 Viljoen St, Lorentzville, Johannesburg

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