Gelato Mania Rosebank: Scoops of Flavour at This New Family-Run Ice Cream Spot in Johannesburg


Gelato Mania is a unique, family-run ice cream parlour and gelateria in Johannesburg that specialises in traditional homemade Italian-style ice cream in elegant surrounds. The drawcard at this dessert spot is their age-old recipe and a range of taste sensations that come in exceptional flavours and are bound to leave you craving more. 

Gelato Mania
The Kappatos family: Kosta Kappatos, Christina Kappatos, Jerry Kappatos and Andrianna Aitken Kappatos

All about Gelato Mania’s first Gelato parlour in Johannesburg

While Gelato Mania is already a firm favourite in Cape Town with multiple stores, the Rosebank store opening in December 2023 goes beyond serving the perfect scoop. It is also the group’s first store outside the Western Cape.

The exposed Gelato Laboratory is a first for Joburg, giving you an interesting glimpse into the magic of premium ice cream making. Everything at Gelato Mania is made on-site from scratch. Make some time and marvel at the full production process that shows the desserts and sweet treats being made daily under the direction of gelato chef, Roberto Segalla.

Gelato Mania

Here the team relies on classic techniques to churn their scoops in-house with the highest quality ingredients. There are 32 flavours on offer in classic gelato, sorbets, vegan options, sugar-free options and full-cream milk offerings. Their attention to detail spans to the sugar cones too, baking each batch freshly at the store as well as their Belgian waffles and pancakes on the menu. There are also some adventurous vegan options and some of the best seasonal sorbet.

‘Since first opening our doors in 2006, we have only been based in Cape Town, explains Jerry Kappatos, Director at Gelato Mania. ‘We have always received overwhelming support from all of our loyal Joburg customers who visit us, so launching our brand in Johannesburg has always been a dream for us. This dream has finally been realised. With the launch of our first store in Joburg, we are changing the Gelato game and bringing you a first-of-its-kind store, offering the most flavours in a Gelateria in South Africa, as well as an exposed Gelato Laboratory where you can watch the magic happen,’ continues Jerry.

Gelato Mania serves their ice cream in one, two or three scoops in cups or in homemade sugar cones. The store also offers their premium gelato for takeaway in 500g and 1kg tubs.

Gelato Mania
Resident gelato chef at Gelato Mania Rosebank, Roberto Segalla

What is the difference between gelato, ice cream and sorbet?

Gelati (plural for gelato, which simply means ice cream in Italian) and conventional ice cream might be similar, but there are some subtle differences. Both words basically mean the same thing, but gelato actually has a higher milk content and contains less cream than ice cream.

This frozen dessert is churned slower than ice cream, ultimately meaning that it is denser and creates a soft mouth feel. It takes 72 hours to make one single scoop of gelato!

And while ice cream and gelato both generally contain sugar and dairy, sorbet is made with just fresh fruit pulp and no cream or milk. Sorbet is therefore suitable for vegans and those following a dairy-free diet.

Gelato Mania

Where is Gelato Mania located in Johannesburg?

Gelato Mania in Johannesburg forms part of the intimate selection of retail stores and restaurants at The Firs in Rosebank.

Where: Gelato Mania at The Firs, Biermann Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg
When: Monday to Thursday, 10am to 10pm; Friday and Saturday, 9am to 11pm; Sunday, 9am to 10pm; Public holidays, 10am to 11pm

021 914 6376
Facebook: @gelatomaniact
Instagram: @gelatomaniact

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