Big Bug Festival

A new exhibition, The Big Bug Expo, is making its first appearance in Johannesburg featuring some of the world’s most fascinating creatures – insects.

The exhibition features various larger-than-life-sized accurate to science, well-crafted animatronic insects and other creatures with sound and movement. Created in collaboration with some of the world’s renowned etymologists, they are made for environmental science education exhibitions.

This is a great opportunity for science learners to see how certain bugs look. Imagine a dragonfly that is the same size of a human being with a 3.5-metre wide wingspan. Fascinating as that is, imagine too if its wings can flap and its antenna can wiggle.

This is the ultimate fusion of science and art to achieve education with an equal measure of entertainment. The exhibition helps both adults and kids to get over their fears of bugs.The exhibition also creates awareness on endangered species of bugs.

The exhibition features a live bugs display section where visitors get a chance to touch some of them and ask questions. Another section will have a collection of preserved bugs which can be viewed under a magnifying glass. Ideal for family outings, school group excursions and kids’ parties.

Date: 6-15 October

Time: 9am-5pm

Price: From R60

Venue address: Central Square, 5 Lower Road, Morningside, Sandton

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Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

Accessibility details: Wheelchair-accessible car park and entrance