Primal Spirit Distillery

Primal Distillery is based at Victoria Yards in Johannesburg. This is an urban regeneration project where lush green belts of edible plants surround arts and crafts in brick warehouses.

This is one of the few distilleries that make their neutral spirit from scratch. The sustainably grown hard red wheat is milled, mashed and fermented in-house. It is then triple-distilled to create the vodka-based spirit of gins.

Essentially gin is a flavoured vodka with juniper and a range of other botanicals. The choice is vast just like in cooking. Primal Distillery wanted to create gins with distinctive flavour profiles, that have a very local identity which makes them stand out in a busy market. The highest quality of ingredients, subtle balance of flavours, lots of testing, patience and determination are in every bottle we produce.

Gin enthusiasts can purchase gin from the distillery of distributing outlets.

Time: Mon-Sun 9am-6pm

Venue address: Victoria Yards, Unit 5a, 16 Viljoen St, Lorentzville, Johannesburg

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Wheelchair accessibility: Unknown


Tel: 0718927607